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Horse Back Riding Lessons – Equestrian Style

Living in Guatemala and being an Expat has so many benefits it’s hard to keep track of them all. But one of the top ones by far is my son’s Horse Back Riding Lessons.

Horse Back Riding Lessons

Horse Back Riding Lessons in Guatemala:

I mean, I never ever considered sending my kids to an Equestrian school since the first thought that comes to mind is: expensive!!!

Not in Guatemala. Azotea, a gorgeous farm about 10 minutes from Antigua Center, offers some of the best horseback riding classes in Guatemala.  We stumbled upon this opportunity while my son had a two week break off for mid school and he did a small camp session there.

At first he was reluctant to come, or more like lazy, which meant he had to do something other than lounge around on a Saturday. Plus, to give him credit, the beginning classes are a bit on the dull side. The child/person has to get used to managing a horse, sitting properly and other important skills that won’t get you thrown off and kicked in the head by a horse.

After about three months of coming horseback riding one day a week, we had a breakthrough. And that’s just what my adrenaline junky son needed. He went from a  regular walk/trot to a canter and that made all the difference in the world.

Now, he canters – which in my mind is dangerous, but he loves the high powered action of the horse. And on top of that – he started jumping!

The pride on his little face when the horse is going full speed ahead, he’s lifting his body to work with the horse and then taking the jump is priceless.

Oh, even though the classes are dirt cheap in comparison to US prices ($13 an hour – most days they are private – to the usual US rate of $100 and I wouldn’t even know how much a private class costs), my parents are the ones that really are making it happen.

It’s my parents gift to my son- equestrian lessons. THANK YOU!!!

Horse Back Riding Lessons – Equestrian Style



18 thoughts on “Horse Back Riding Lessons – Equestrian Style

  1. i love it. it brings me back to the horse back riding classes our kids took in northern israel. and again in costa rica. a huge boost to their character. i love the first pic of your son with the helmet on. he looks simply adorable and shining. thank you for sharing. gabi
    Gabi (The Nomadic Family) recently posted..Fantasy VacationMy Profile

  2. I’m not a horse rider and certainly don’t think I’ll ever be, but they are incredible creatures full of such pure energy and I’m incredibly jealous that you got time to spend it with them in all their glory for a week. Your son certainly seems to love it!
    Dale recently posted..Weekend Photo Theme – Outdoor SculpturesMy Profile

  3. Oh, that looks like fun! My 7 year old would love that. We tried horse riding lessons in Nerja, Spain for him, and they were a great deal as well ($20 for an hour and a half). I love travel – it sometimes gives you a chance to try something that would simply be too expensive at home.
    Micki recently posted..A Love Letter To Grand Old HotelsMy Profile

  4. Wow! What a bargain price for horseback riding lessons. It’s true that in the USA, especially where I live in California, horse riding lessons are very expensive. I could make more money offering horse riding lessons than I earn travel writing, if not for the high cost of carrying liability insurance. That’s the barrier in California; insurance.

    Glad he is bonding with horses – they are special animals.
    Nancy D. Brown recently posted..Pau Riders: Festivals of Aloha in HawaiiMy Profile

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