A Look at Horizn Studios Catalog

Avid travelers know how crucial it is to have the right traveling accessories. With the right utilities, you will have an easy time on the road, translating to fun if traveling is your hobby. 

Horizn Studios is a leading brand when it comes to traveling utilities, with numerous selling appeals, such as quality and reasonably-priced items. Another crucial selling appeal of this brand is its diverse catalog. 

As we know, a brand is as good as its catalog, a statement that rings true when you look at Horizn Studios’ product collection. This piece takes an in-depth look at this brand’s product collection, hinting at what you can purchase when planning for your trip.

Horizn Studios Luggage Collection

In this post we look at this brand’s product collection, hinting at what you can purchase when planning for your trip.

Are you a heavy traveler? If you answer in affirmative, you need to check out Horizn Studios luggage inventory. Here, you encounter cabin luggage suitcases, which are perfect for travelers with many items, and they have a capacity of 64 to 96 liters, which is large enough for heavy movers. Check-in luggage suitcases are smaller, and the traveler can easily move around with them. They have a capacity of around 36 to 37 liters.

Special edition luggage are high-end suitcases, coming in various designs and are suitable for those who want to maintain a dapper style while traveling. Personalized luggage are customized to meet the owner’s tastes and preferences in color schemes, name tags and more. 

RE Series suitcases feature 97% recycled high-end polycarbonate as their primary material, suitable for travelers who want products built from sustainable materials. Circle One luggage suitcases are yet to hit the market and are built from BioX, a plant-based hard shell innovation.




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Horizn Studios Backpacks

Light travelers have their journey needs sorted courtesy of Horizn Studios’ backpack collection. The stylish backpacks come in numerous designs and sizes, and besides light traveling, they are ideal for daily movements, like going to school or work.  The backpack selections include:

  • Gion essential
  • SoFo rolltop
  • SoFo city
  • Aoyama totepack
  • Shibuya totepack
  • Shibuya rolltop

The materials used for the backpacks exceed industry standards, and their stitching is top-grade, translating into high-quality products. 

Horizn Studios Bags

Under Horizn Studios’ bag collection, you have utilities like cross-bags and weekenders, which are perfect for stylish travelers. They can pull out such bags when traveling to nearby areas or for a casual stroll in the neighborhood. Their simple design will accentuate any look, especially the simple yet classy styles. 

Under Horizn Studios’ bag collection, you have utilities like cross-bags and weekenders, which are perfect for stylish travelers.

Available pieces include:

  • The feminine Chiado cross-body bag
  • The unisex Gion cross-body S
  • The chic-looking Shibuya weekender
  • The SoFo cross-body bag

As a fashion-conscious traveler, you are sure to get a decent bag for moving out of your house with a sophisticated style.

Luggage Sets

Horizn Studios’ luggage sets comprise three or more suitcases, and are perfect for travelers who want to move conveniently with a lot of luggage. The sets make it easier for travelers to sort their luggage, and come in manageable sizes.

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Horizn Studios has plenty of accessories that promise an excellent and convenient time on the road. They include wallets, packing cubes, wash bags, cosmetic bags and cardholders. Additionally, there are traveling apparel, which you can wear for comfort when out of the house. Currently, the travel apparel section contains hoodies and t-shirts, with several prints that make them stand out. The clothes are cozy, and you can wear them in different weather conditions. 

Final Thought

If you are planning to hit the road soon, you need to look for a reliable travel accessory partner. Horizn Studios is among the famous and reliable traveling utility brands that you can bank on for a smooth journey. This piece looks at its vast catalog and what you can get from them.

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Last Updated on February 26, 2024

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