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Hoop Earrings and Other Things to Pack to Glam Up While Traveling

There are times while traveling when you need or want to get put together and feel awesome. But without having your whole wardrobe and accessories it can get tricky. However, there are a couple of things that you can always carry with you that don’t take too much space and will make a huge difference.Aside from a good pair of hoop earrings that usually make all of us feel a lot more put together, here are some suggestions on what to pack.

The first one of course, as mentioned in the title is a pair of your favorite hoop earrings, or any other small, and not too expensive jewelry that might make you feel put together and ready to table any event. But there are three other simple things that you can do that will make a ton of difference.

Hoop Earrings

Top 3 Things to Pack to Glam Up While Traveling

1. A couple of versatile dresses

We all know those convertible dresses that are gorgeous, comfortable, and depending on the shoes you wear with them, they can either become a relaxed outfit or a formal one. Especially if the dresses are black. This is the best color if you are looking to feel more luxurious and put together.

Best of all, they take almost no space on your suitcase.

2. A complete makeup bag 

Subtle changes in our makeup can completely change the way we look. We can go from a natural look to a formal one by just adding eye shadows and a few other quick details. All you need to do is have a varied shadow palette on your bag, and eyeliner, and all the normal products that you would use on a daily basis in your travel makeup bag.

So, it won’t take too much space on your suit either. Chances are, you are already traveling with these items.

3. Basics are your best friend

Another great tip to look more expensive is to travel with a ton of basic, timeless pieces of clothing and just one or two trendy ones. This will allow you to completely transform your look without much effort.

On the other hand, bringing only trendy pieces might make it harder to combine and create new looks that might work better on a more formal occasion.

Do you have any other recommendations on easy things to do if you want to glam it up while traveling?

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