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Hong Kong’s Best Sailing Spots: 7 Beaches You Can’t Miss

Sailing is a great way to see Hong Kong from a different perspective. It is also an excellent way to spend your time in the city if you want something fun and adventurous. There is more to visit and do on the waters in Hong Kong, making it the perfect place to go sailing. Click here to see the best charter company that can provide various vessels, from bareboat catamarans to mega yachts! Here are the best sailing spots in Hong Kong

Blessed with over 261 islands, Hong Kong is considered home to some of the best places in the world to sail. Let us explore the top three best sailing spots in Hong Kong that you should include on your bucket list.

Best Sailing Spots in Hong Kong

Sai Kung to Tai Long Wan

Tai Long Wan offers beautiful scenery of white-sand beaches where you can surf, swim, or even sunbathe if the weather permits. From west to east of Tai Long Wan, the four beaches are Sai Wan Beach, Ham Tin Beach, Tai Wan Beach, and Tung Wan Beach, stretching over three kilometers of coast.

1. Sai Wan Beach

Being the most popular beach among the four beaches in Tai Long Wan, it is also the one that gets the most crowded. One of the things you should consider venturing into once you get to Sai Wan is to check the rock pools and waterfalls.

The beach’s location is well-protected from the wind, with a small rocky outcrop separating it. You can easily hop onto the beach’s other side for a more quiet ambiance. Sai Wan is the perfect spot for tourists looking for an easy summer getaway.

After spending time in the sun, food is the next thing you would probably think of getting. Fortunately, there are two beach restaurants where you can grab some snacks and drinks, the Hoi Shan Restaurant and the Oriental Restaurant and Bar. However, bringing a little extra money is best as the food is expensive. Additionally, there are public toilet facilities at the beach.

2. Ham Tin Beach

Ham Tin is the beach next to Sai Wan and is famous for those who want to do some overnight camping. Although the beach gets crowded, particularly on weekends or public holidays, it is said to be slightly peaceful and quiet compared to Sai Wan Beach. The water is crystal clear, with a breathtaking view of mountain ranges in the background.

There are restaurants where you can grab some food and camping gear rentals: Hoi Fung Store and On Kee Store. Additionally, since Hai Tim has bigger waves than Sai Wan, surfing is a good activity you should try. You can rent surfboards from the On Kee Store.

3. Tai Wan Beach

Tai Wan is the longest among the four Tai Long Wan beaches. It has a photogenic scenery with blue-colored water and fine sand. This beach is also an excellent place to go for swimming and surfing. Like Ham Tim, some campers prefer to stay overnight to enjoy the shore.

Unfortunately, there are no facilities in TaiWan. However, there is an option to walk 5-10 minutes back to Ham Tin for some snacks or if you need to use the toilets.

4. Tung Wan Beach

Tung Wang is the most secluded and farthest of all the Tai Long Wan beaches. You must walk 30 minutes or more to get to Tung Wang from TaiWan. Ordinary people will not likely visit Tung Wan unless they are avid hikers. Since it is the farthest beach, Tai Wung is still peaceful and quiet, even on the supposed jam-packed weekends and holidays.

Sai Kung to Mirs Bay

From Basalt Island, head northeast past Tai Long Wan to Mirs Bay. Mirs Bay is known for its stunning feature of volcanic hexagonal rock columns. A trip for a week or two would be a good idea to enjoy and see more of Mirs Bay.

The highlight of the area that is a part of the marine park is Ping Chau Island. It is the city’s most remote island, located on the northwest corner of Mirs Bay. It is excellent for snorkeling with its soft, sandy beaches and clean water.

Sai Kung to Middle Island

Middle Island is just a few-minute ride from the mainland. You can take the northern route through Victoria Harbor, continue around Hong Kong Island, and eventually approach the Middle Island from the west.

Here you can have the opportunity to dine at alfresco bars and restaurants. It also has food kiosks and barbecue areas along the beach. The Middle Island is more secluded and quieter, making short walks down to the beach peaceful and worthy. Middle Island’s most popular beaches and bays are South Bay, Repulse Bay, and Deep Water Bay. 

1. South Bay Beach

South Bay is a remote, serene spot on Middle Island that offers stunning sea views. The beach is surrounded by greenery, making it perfect for people looking for shade.

2. Repulse Bay Beach

Repulse Bay has golden sand spread on the shore, making it a perfect sunbathing location. Be warned that Repulse Bay Beach gets busy and crowded on weekends and holidays. It is best to arrive there early if you want a good spot.

3. Deep Water Bay Beach

There are various facilities at Deep Water Bay, including a nine-hole golf course, cafes and restaurants, and changing rooms. Since it is one of the most beautiful summer getaway locations in Hong Kong, it does get crowded most of the time, so make sure to get there early to enjoy the beach.

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