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Honeymoon Ideas for the Spring of 2023

A honeymoon is a very special occasion. The wedding can be as stressful as it is beautiful. However, the honeymoon is pure delight only. It is only the two of you, enjoying your romance somewhere in the big wide world.To spark the imagination of the newlyweds, we compiled the list of Honeymoon Ideas for the Spring that suit the highest romantic standards. 

Therefore, as a honeymoon is something you will remember forever, choosing the destination is not an easy task. 


The sunny white beaches and beautiful green cliffs are some of the reasons why Cornwall is a famous romantic destination. The spectacular sunsets, combined with many opportunities for exciting outdoor activities such as surfing and exploring coves, make Cornwall a great honeymoon destination.

You could book traditional travel packages, but there is another way of visiting Cornwall. Since it is a famous camper van and RV destination, why not be innovative? You could invest in a cheap van conversion and spend a few weeks exploring the ocean shores of Southwestern England.

Honeymoon Ideas for the Spring


Mexico is a big and beautiful country. You could travel to Mexico every year for decades, and still, feel like there’s much more to know.

To start with the capital, Mexico City is a huge metropolis with a variety of art galleries and historical places. For newlyweds, the experience of a gondola ride through Xochimilco floating gardens is something you should definitely not miss.

Additionally, the country offers countless opportunities for adventure. From sandy beaches and luxury spa resorts to a hot air balloon ride over Mayan monuments in Teotihuacán, Mexico is a treasury of valuable honeymoon experiences.

Honeymoon Ideas for the Spring

Marrakech, Morocco

According to the LiveSozy blog, Marrakech is one of the most dreamy honeymoon destinations in the world.

If you would like to spice up your honeymoon with some Arabic vibe, you will love the Moroccan architecture, mentality, and food. Those who have visited Marrakech tell stories about gorgeous gardens, affordable prices, and the vibrant city culture that combines tradition with modernity.

Perhaps the most memorable experience in Marrakech would be shopping and bargaining at the local market.

Finally, there are so many opportunities for unique experiences in Morocco. You could hike in the Atlas Mountains, visit the wild Atlantic coast, or head to the heart of the desert and explore the Sahara on a camel.

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