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Honeymoon on a Budget? Unlock the Tricks to Save Money on your Dream Honeymoon Vacation

Right after the wedding madness, it is time for the newly-wed couples to unwind by escaping to a distant place and spend maximum time together to know each other. Planning starts pretty much in advance and more than the wedding day, it is the vacation part which keeps the couples excited all the time. And why not honeymoon is the first of many such fond memories which the couple will create. The first of them, needless to say, is going to be cherished throughout life and will keep the romance alive.Seven tips on how you save some money during your honeymoon so you don’t star married life broke.Take a look tips of honeymoon on a budget.

 Honeymoon on a Budget

But for many honeymooners, their romantic vacation is more like a mini-moon. They run out of funds after spending on a lavish wedding and then find ways to either save money on their honeymoon or simply postpone it.

What if we share some tips and tricks to help you plan a romantic dream honeymoon vacation within your budget?

  • Plan and Book Your Vacation In Advance

The first few months before the wedding can be stressful and by the time the actual day arrives, things get crazy and there is absolutely no time for anything else. So, it is a good idea to plan your honeymoon at least 6 months in advance from the wedding day to avoid any last-minute rush. And since a big chunk of money goes in airfares, booking your flights this much in advance can help you save a lot of it.

Most importantly, enjoy the planning part and don’t just pass the complete responsibility of your travel on anyone but get yourself and your fiancé actively involved in it. This can also become a great way to get closer by understanding each other’s liking and disliking.

  • Hunt for Deals Online

There are several online booking sites which offer countless packages for honeymoon and couple vacations. You can browse through them to find the best deals on your favorite destination. Plus, you will find all-inclusive packages which typically include accommodation, meals, activities, and entertainment. While choosing a package, make sure to go through all the inclusions and whether they are offering you the best value for your money.

Not just deals, but booking vacations online has other benefits too. If you are stuck or have some queries, you can call up a travel expert or drop an email to the customer support and they will assist you. You can explore all the travel websites and their vacation packages sitting in the comfort of your home.

  • Be Practical and Set your Priorities

When planning a dream honeymoon vacation within a budget, you need to analyze whether your finances are enough for funding the trip and if you can actually afford it. Ensure even after spending a good amount on your vacation, you are left with resources for future expenses and you don’t fall into debts or have trouble paying your bills.

When you know the money is limited, set your priorities and plan your holiday accordingly. Say, opting for a nice beach side candle-light dinner instead of a spa treatment. Spend your money smartly on things you would want to cherish all your life.

  • Travel during the Shoulder Season

Another hack to save money on your honeymoon is to take a trip during the shoulder season. It is the period between peak and off-season when prices go down. It can be the best time to travel to the destination of your dreams especially if you want to avoid tourist traffic. Since for every destination, the shoulder season varies so do your research before selecting the honeymoon spot of your choice.

  • Stay in your Home Country

Every person dreams of a perfect honeymoon and the idea can be anything from exploring the exotic safari destination in Kenya to the beautiful beaches of Mauritius, from enjoying a cruise in the Caribbean islands to wandering the stylish streets of Rome. But if you are looking for a budget-friendly honeymoon, you can ditch traveling overseas for now as (keep it for the next time) you will be able to cut down on some heavy expenses.

Instead, choose a location within your country and look for a nicer resort. This will save traveling time too and you won’t regret not going to a far-off destination.

  • Brag about your Honeymoon

When inquiring about a package or making a reservation, reveal that you are a honeymooner. It might fetch you some exclusive deals, complimentary flutes of champagne, a room upgrade or something that is out of your budget. The good part is there are many hotels and resorts that are willing to go out of their way just to offer an extraordinary experience to newlyweds.

  • Some More Tips

Besides these there are some other money-saving tips for planning a trip of a lifetime like considering the cost of currency exchange, using your credit card points, planning an offbeat trip, and being flexible with your travel dates to save on the airfare.

These are little tricks that can make a big difference to your pocket, so keep them in mind when planning your honeymoon. And you will realize that you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a honeymoon vacation of your dreams. Finally remember, the key is not to make it ultra-expensive, but memorable.

Happy Wedding to you!

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