Honduras Road Trip from Copan to La Ceiba (Stoppin by San Pedro Sula)

Because Central America is such a relatively small place, it is perfect for driving around to different destinations. This is something that my family and I have been able to do and enjoyed. We have been to many places around the region in our small car, we love planning family road trips

One of the routes that I am sure you will also enjoy is the one that takes you from Copan to La Ceiba, stopping by San Pedro Sula. They all have something fun and unique to offer.

From Copan to La Ceiba

1. Copán

mayan ruins grand plaza copan honduras

Copan is a cute town in Honduras located right next to the ruins of what was once one of the great cities of the Mayan civilization. The ruins are some of the most important for all of those interested in learning about the Maya because its stelae and artwork are in such a good state that they are able to learn tons from them.

At Copan archaeological site you can get lost for hours checking out the structures (as well as climbing some) and searching for wildlife.

Aside from exploring the ruins, other things to do in and around Copan are swimming in hot springs (like the ones in Guatemala), visiting a macaw sanctuary, a butterfly house, zip lining, go for a horseback ride, shopping at the market and checking out the museum.

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2. San Pedro Sula (best stop ever)

San Pedro Sula in honduras
Photo by: Ian Mackenzie

Driving from Copan to San Pedro Sula will only take from two to two and a half hours through CA-4 highway.

San Pedro Sula is the second-largest city in Honduras. Most of the country’s industrial activities take place here. Keep in mind that this is a city large so it is mainly about cultural experiences such as visiting museums, monuments and historic buildings. But its surroundings also have something to offer for those who prefer nature and adventure.

You can visit the Cusuco National Park via 4×4, check out the anthropology and history museum, relax at the main square as you watch locals live their daily lives, explore the Taulabe waterfalls and go bird watching on board of a boat through the lake.

From San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba

3. La Ceiba

Sunset over the Palms in la ceiba honduras
Photo by: kristin klein

La Ceiba is a coastal city located in northern Honduras. It is a very popular place known as the “Eco-Tourism Capital of Honduras” as well as the “Entertainment Capital of Honduras” so you definitely can’t miss it while in the country. The city is also very well known around Central America for its carnival.

In La Ceiba you will find active nightlife with many bars to hang out in. It is also located right between white-sanded Caribbean beaches, a mountain range, and a river. This provides great opportunities for hiking, wildlife watching, class II – IV rafting, and other water sports such as diving. There is also a wildlife refuge nearby where you will be able to hang out with manatees.

On top of all of that, it is also a terminal for ferries that take you to the Bay Islands (Roatan and Utila).

Keep in mind that the time estimates mentioned above can vary depending on traffic and the number of stops you make along the way. Also, remember that roads and highways in Honduras may not be the best or anything like the ones you are used to but it won’t be difficult to go through them either.

Last Updated on April 18, 2022

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