Honda Freed Hybrid: The Ultimate Car Overview

The Japanese automakers have long been considered to stand at the forefront of innovation. Collaborating with today’s technology, Honda has manufactured a state-of-the-art hybrid minivan dubbed Honda Freed Hybrid. The Freed series has been produced in 2009, and today, in a world calling for less carbon emissions and carbon footprints, the automakers have heard the callings of millions around the globe, bringing to them a hybrid of the popular family car – the Honda Freed.Have you heard about the new Honda Freed Hybrid? Here is an article with everything you need to know about this great new car.

Honda Freed Hybrid

About the Honda Freed Hybrid

You would think that compact dimensions, which are complemented by a realistically spacious interior, must defy some laws of physics. These hybrids are as green as they are practical to consumers. For instance, if the hybrid is low on electrical charge, you can always pop up by a petrol station and pump it with some juice to get going. This MPV will prove to be all you need. 

It comes in three different types: a 5-seater, 6-seater, and a ridiculous 7-seater. So, no matter how big your family may be, an affordable and excellent MPV will always be within reach. 

Engine Specification 

The car offers, with its front-engine, a front-wheel-drive along with a four-wheel drive. This should get you out of any trouble if the car is ever stuck in a pothole. This model comes with a 7-speed automatic transmission and a 1.5-liter engine displacement. As of 2015, the car had undergone a specific upgrade to its engine, with its now supporting 140hp, which makes for an excellent cruiser. This car seems to be all the more perfect, but when you learn that it carries 148 NM of torque, it just seems to be too good to be true. 

The Freed is powered by a 1.5L i-VTEC petrol engine and an electric motor. The engine produces 101 kW of power and 134 NM of torque. The motor, however, gives the car an instant torque delivery, no matter where the RPM stands. So, if you are running late while dropping your kids off at school, the acceleration on this family beast will definitely surprise you. And to top it off, the car boasts a powerful 4-cylinder 1,496 cc engine.

Fuel Specifications

The Honda Freed Hybrid’s fuel tank capacity is 40 liters. And while other competitors in the market may offer larger tanks, let’s not forget that hybrid cars usually have better fuel consumption, where it may sit at 25 km/L, which will save consumers a lot on petrol. Despite the car offering room for seven passengers, the fuel consumption on this masterpiece is extraordinary! 

Honda Freed Hybrid: The Ultimate Car Overview


The length of this car is 4,215 mm, which is 165.9 inches. The width stands at 1,695 mm, which is 66.7 inches. Its height is about 1,715 mm, or 67.5 inches; and the curb weight of the car is 1,330 kg. That is 2,932 lb. 

Car Features

Most of the Freed Hybrid’s features are your standard, most typical features in a modern car. While it doesn’t support its own navigation system, the control and handling system includes traction control system, electronic brake force distribution (very effective), a hill holder (useful when going on family road trips), electronic stability program (also very effective), and a multi-function steering wheel

Also featured in this modern-day classic car is cruise control, adjustable steering wheel tilt, and telescopic and power steering. It supports the features of a computer, which is a standard, along with a reversing camera, which is always very helpful. Finally, this big beautiful car features a radio CD with four speakers. 

Safety and Security Features 

Safety and security are both essential aspects for every buyer, and they must never be overlooked. Always, when looking to buy a car, check to see the safety and security measures that are offered. With the Freed Hybrid, the security measures are mostly your standard expectations. 

It includes a dual front airbag package, head airbags, and another on the sides. The car also features seatbelt-pre tensioners in the front seat, which will ensure a much safer ride when on a bumpy road. Another important safety feature is the engine immobilizer, as well as a central locking remote control. 

The car has undergone the ANCAP Crash test, and it passed with flying colors, acquiring a five-star rating, which is considered to be the highest. As for its carbon emissions, it releases 122 grams/km of Carbon Dioxide. 


The Japanese industry really knows how to make a hybrid stand out in the crowd, which is why we loved test driving this car. What really makes driving this beast of a car a smooth ride is its coil-spring suspension feature. It also has a hydraulic double acting shock absorber, a MacPherson strut and an anti-roll bar, which makes you feel like the car is hovering over even the roughest and most potholed roads. The rear is as intricate and meticulous as the front, supporting a coil spring, a hydraulic double acting shock absorber, and a torsion bar as well. 


By now, it is evident that the Honda Freed Hybrid is more than just a comfortable car. It is inspiring and luxurious. With the image of an open and abundantly lit café set in mind, the manufacturers brought a jocular and calm mood to their car. Supporting the number of quality technology inside the car, the Freed Hybrid is truly spacious on the inside, more than you would think. Inside the Freed is a place of comfort and total happiness. 

A luxury car that is both affordable and truly magical, the Honda Freed Hybrid offers it all, and at the most affordable price for a beast in its size. Standing at only $104,800, you will not feel threatened to approach this car and take it out for a test drive, as its price tag is relatively decent considering the number of features it offers. Not to mention the crazy storage space it supports can fit an entire couch! All in all, this hybrid is most definitely a car every person would want to buy, if not for themselves, then for the comfort of their families.  

Last Updated on February 7, 2022

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