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Look Who’s Starring at Hollywood Studios Florida, Disney

Before planning a trip anywhere, I do tons and tons of research. It’s probably my favorite thing to do, other than being in the actual destination.  The same rule applied for preparing our Hollywood Studios Florida in Disney World trip. Ironically, I found myself learning more about this trip than any other!

hollywood studios orlando fastpass


Quick bits of What I learned while planning my trip to Disney, Florida:

1. There are four major parks


2. I got the four day – non – hopper- passes. With kids it’s not too fun to go from one park to another in the same day

3. Epcot and Hollywood studios have the least attractions for babies.

4. Hollywood Studios was the most mellow of them all and we made it our last stop.

Things to do at Hollywood Studios Florida

1. Attractions and rides – Hollywood studios Orlando fastpass – make sure you find out what rides you want to go on and which have the fast pass. I found that most rides at Hollywood studios don’t get too crowded, except one – Toy Story Woody Ride.  Ironically, I didn’t even know this was the most popular ride in the park. But it was the one where babies would have a blast, the same as adults. We got our fast pass at 11 am for the 3 pm, by 1 pm there were no more left and the ride literally had 75 minute waits all day long.

Tower of Terror was for my older boy. And while racing to get the fast pass entrance for him, I got to check out Sunset Blvd.

hollywood studios orlando fastpass

With all it’s bells and whistles.

couture at hollywood studios in orlando

2. Shows at Disney Studios – Find out about the shows that are available, and work with the best schedule. We had to pick and choose for which our baby would have a blast. However, I’d say there were 2-3 that would have been awesome, but for an older crowd. It’s all age relevance really!

Indiana Jones is one of those must do’s. They also have American Idol, but not really for small kids.

show at hollywood studios orlando fl

Muppets – baby! This one is just so great for everyone.

muppets show at hollywood studios florida

And I love these guys!!!!

inside muppets show at hollywood studios in fl

3. Character greetings – this is a must in every park. So find the ones your kids like most and check them out!

Stand at attention

green soldier at hollywood studios orlando fl

Action and go!

movies characters at hollywood studios in florida

My son’s favorite – Phineas and Ferb

family photo at hollywood studios fl

Cars reunion

cars at hollywood studios orlando fastpass

Mickey – of course!

family photo with mickey at hollywood studios

4. Eating – there are so many cool restaurants to choose from. We chose Pizza Planet. We’re suckers for Toy Story!

pizza planet at hollywood studios orlando

5. Just walking around the sets and the park is a must do, with all the exhibits and cities and so much more.

movie sets at hollywood studios orlando

My Take On It:

Hollywood Studios was fun. However, traveling with two small kids, I realized if you have four – five days, it would be best to stick to three parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Animal Kingdom). There is s much to do in these parks alone that three days simply wasn’t enough.

I would recommend Hollywood Studios only if you have thoroughly enjoyed the other parks.

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