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Your Holidays at The Luxury Villas in Taormina Sicily

After months of work, the holidays are the best time to de-stress, have fun and relax. Do you plan a trip alone, with friends or with your family? Very nice idea. However, the success of your vacation will depend mainly on the type of accommodation you rent. Thus, if the task is undoubtedly not always easy, you still need to choose your vacation rental that best suits your needs. Why not rent one of the Luxury Villas in Taormina Sicily?How cool it can be to finally decide to take a trip to the luxury villas in Taormina Sicily.Here,you will learn all about Taormina Sicily.

Taormina is the ideal location if you’re interested in exploring the marvelous Sicilian east coast. There’s undoubtedly no best way to seize the moment and fully use your precious holiday time to unwind in a beautiful villa.

luxury villas in Taormina SicilyThe Top 2 Reasons to Stay at a Luxury Villa in Taormina Sicily

The Immortal Beauty of Taormina

Just a few steps from the strait that breaks the island of Sicily from the Italian peninsula, on a natural patio looking over the Ionian Sea, rises and shines magical Taormina, also known as the ancient Tauromenion.

What makes Taormina so special is its Greek spirit combined with the character of a medieval village. The colors and essences of the Mediterranean flora makes Taormina a great place to visit. And the Sicilian climate makes it a perfect destination at any time of the year.

You can find the medieval heart of Taormina by entering the center from Porta Messina. Not distant from the gates of the city there’s Palazzo Corvaia, the 17th-century church of San Pancrazio, which is located on the remains of a Greek temple. Not to be missed are also the caves of the ancient Odeon and the adjacent church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria. Nearby, the road extends into Piazza IX Aprile, a promenade from which you can experience a broad view. The Mezzo gate opened the 17th-century tower-clock heads into the medieval neighborhood of Taormina, with characteristic constructions of Romanesque and Gothic architectural adornments and details. The massive palace of the Dukes of Santo Stefano, with Gothic, Arab and Norman elements, and the Badia Vecchia dates back to the Norman era.

Taormina is also represented by stunning nature. Don’t miss out to visit the public gardens of the Villa Comunale. Giardini di Naxos is very close to Taormina and is one of the favorite places for Sicilians for its splendid sea and nightlife.

luxury villas in Taormina Sicily

Relaxing with Style

You are a professional who exercises throughout the year a stressful activity. After a long and challenging effort to give the best of yourself to accomplish the goals that have been handed over to you, it is finally time to pause. What you need is a villa with a pool. The benefits of water are immense. It lessens your nerves and makes you spend relaxing moments. A few hours spent in a pool regenerate the cells of the skin and you will become young again.

Luxury is mostly appreciated by individuals who have taste and elegance. If this is your case, then you need an exceptional setting for your vacation. Villas unique in their architecture, decor, and furnishings are at your disposal. They highlight your charisma and sublime your vacation. Go and live a moment of happiness in one of these terrestrial paradises!

Renting a luxury villa in Taormina is the definition of high-living. You have the opportunity to spend a dream holiday in the accommodation of your dreams. Just choose according to your desire in the myriad of luxury villas that are available to you. You can either rent a villa on your own, or you can consider teaming up with other people and share a large group villa or other smaller properties with a shared pool.

Master, the art of il dolce far niente, the Italian expression/concept made famous by the film, Eat Pray Love, that literally means sweet doing nothing. Do nothing and enjoy it! It is that pleasant experience of enjoying time go by, letting your thought take over. That is where il dolce far niente is at its best, where all that matters is living in the moment.

Where would you master the dolce far niente concept, if not from your fabulous villa in Taormina?

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