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Holiday Prep Checklist: How to Get the Most Out of Your Next Getaway

Whether you are heading to another town in the state you live in, or an around the world adventure, holidays are a great way to rest, recharge and experience new things.

While spontaneous adventures can be fun, it always pays to be prepared. This guide will provide essential travel trips that will ensure you have the time or your life – and that you are prepared for all contingencies. 

Get Your Finances Ready

Holidays can be expensive and you want to ensure you have enough funds for your travel, accommodation, activities and plenty of spending money. It is also a good idea to have a contingency fund in case something goes wrong. That makes preparing for your holiday the perfect time to compare credit cards and see if you can get a better deal.

It is not only vital to have at least one credit card on-hand for any emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, you can actually save a lot of money during the planning stage as well. Shop around for a credit card that offers reward points so you can pay for all your holiday purchases using your credit card, earn points and then use your cash to pay off the balance so you are not paying any interest.

Speaking of interest, with a longer no interest period you can pay for an expensive holiday on your credit card and pay it off without penalty in that time frame. Credit cards with added product protection can also extend the warranty of items like tablets, computers, cameras etc that you may want to purchase for your holiday.

Service Your Vehicle if You Are Going on a Road Trip

Even if you have a newer, late model vehicle, you will need to have it properly inspected before heading away on a long road trip. All of your essential fluids like oil and coolant will need to be checked and topped off plus a visual inspection to look for any damage or signs of wear could save you a breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

Having your tyres inspected is also essential. Under Australian Vehicle Standards you need to have at least 1.5mm of tread on your tyres, although if the tread is that low they are probably not suitable for a road trip. Have your wheels aligned, tyres rotated or replaced as required and have the air pressure checked by a professional mechanic. 

Ensure You Are Compliant With The Country’s Requirements

If you are planning on travelling abroad, there are several measures to take before jetting out. Check if there has been any travel advice issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to see if there are any issues that you should be aware of.

It’s also vital to check all of your identification like your passport, driver’s licence, any visas or other identification that may be required, that you have the right bank cards for the region you are travelling to and that your travel insurance is up to date.

Check the weather for the region you are going to as well, some parts of the world can be suspect to extreme storms, blizzards, sand storms, heat, snow and more. Time your travel for when the weather is likely to be at its best. 

In the modern world it is also imperative that you check the current COVID-19 situation at your destination, as well as at home. You don’t want to find yourself stranded for a lengthy period of time. You can check current Australian border restrictions on the DFAT website.

Check The Medical System of Your Destination

Medical support for foreigners varies from country to country, in terms of quality of healthcare, cost and availability. Check what travel insurance is required for emergency medical treatment or you could be up for thousands of dollars – or not treated at all.

Find out where the most reputable health service providers are and save their contact details, just in case. You will also need to find out what jabs may be required before you travel. It is advised to get your malaria and other shots before visiting many nations to avoid becoming very sick. 

Research the Attractions

You will be able to get more out of your holiday by planning in advance. You don’t need a minute-by-minute itinerary, but scheduling your visits to attractions will allow you to see more of them.

Researching in advance will also help avoid disappointment. Some attractions are not as good as they claim, so check what previous visitors are saying online. Some attractions may be closed for maintenance, sold out, or permanently closed as well. 

Take the time to research and book for these attractions before you leave and you will avoid disappointment.

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