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Holiday Ideas – 5 Amazing Vacations You Never Thought About

Have you booked your vacation this year yet? Well, I hope you haven’t because, after reading this, you may change your mind. Are you one of those families who go to the same holiday site on the same coastline every year? Well, you could be missing out. Going abroad used to be an activity reserved for the wealthy few who became known as the jet set. Now, however, it is more than likely that, for the same price as you would pay here, you will be able to book a holiday ideas to whatever destination you wish.

The days of a knotted hankie on granddad’s head, wrestling with deckchair puzzles, and donkey rides are a thing of the past for many, who now yearn for more.

But what kind of holiday would you choose if money were no object? You may find this article a useful tool to guide your decision, as I am about to list five of the most popular holiday ideas choices available to you today.

Holiday Ideas
Photo by: Ken Curtis

Thailand will give your whole family the adventure of a lifetime. Boasting stunning scenery and crystal clear seas there is adventure to be had within the beautiful surroundings. Exhaust the family with a day’s sea kayaking or head inland with an amazing jungle trek to observe the flora and fauna at its best. Would a canopy tour interest you? Walking through the jungle canopy is only for the brave.

Obviously, Thailand has been in the news over the last few years because someone has been arrested and sentenced for life for smuggling drugs. Don’t get involved in anything suspicious, keep your bags close, and you will be fine.

Romantic Destinations
Venice is arguably one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Travel the canals in a gondola for two and admire the stunning architecture. Take the elevator to the top of St Marks bell tower to fully appreciate the stunning sight of the city below.

Barbados is famous the world over for the people’s chilled approach to life. Sit back on a perfect beach and drift away to the sound of calypso playing in the background.

If your bones ache and all you want is to be well looked after, it is hard to top a cruise. Whether it is a Caribbean, Mediterranean, or Norwegian fjord cruise that is of interest, you can find out more information regarding the latest deals online. The beauty of a cruise lies in the fact that you get to see lots of places and travel in absolute luxury.

If you are interested in ancient history, Athens is the place to go. Visit the Acropolis museum that is home to many famous statues that you may have heard of. The Parthenon is probably one of the most well known structures in the world. Built as a temple, it has overlooked Athens for over 1500 years.

As your children where they would like to go on holiday and they will say Disney Land. Why not skip Paris and head off to Orlando, Florida for the experience of a lifetime. You will be the best mom and dad ever, for a while.

I’m sure you have found plenty here to take away and think about your holiday ideas. Involve your family in the decision making, and they can share the blame if it all turns out wrong. Happy landings.

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