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Holiday Feeling in Berlin – Germany Travel

Berlin impresses visitors not only at first glance, but also with pleasure on the second and third views. So who was already guest of the Often in Berlin? The city will be able to recognize and experience again and again. Particularly fascinating in Berlin are the cultures that live there side by side and embellish their lives. Now Berlin travel has a lot to offer, both day and night. So it’s not enough to enjoy the city for just one day. Great ideas on the best things to do in Berlin during the day and night.Take a look at this article filled with Germany travel.

Berlin - Germany Travel

That is what even a few tourists do not want. Because the city has a lot to offer and thus creates a special accent. This beautifies the holiday quickly and makes it unique in contrast to the other German cities.

Enjoy Berlin by day


Berlin offers an incredible backdrop by day. The view of the city alone is impressive. Of course you have an optimal view directly from the TV tower. It also offers a stylish ambience where you can enjoy a coffee. In addition to the TV tower and the Brandenburg Gate can offer a beautiful sight. Here you can jump into the west. From the Brandenburg Gate, everyone can also look at the many beautiful places in the “Tiergarten” with the High Class Escorts Berlin during the day. If that does not work out fast enough, the swing simply into a double-decker bus and can drive to the sights.

Berlin at night

If you want to experience Berlin at night, you can visit the YAAM Club. This special club offers a special feeling, especially in summer. The beach club on the riverbank has a basketball court and plays live concerts. Here you can relax after a hard day at the river Spree.

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