Hobbitenango Guatemala: Hobbit Themed Restaurant in Antigua


Hobbitenango, Guatemala (Review)

couple sitting on a swing or columpio hobbitenango guatemala

Hobbitenango is this restaurant village on top of a mountain outside of Antigua, Guatemala. It is really cool. Obviously, it comes from the movies The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. So everything looks like where the Hobbits would live, making it one of the best restaurants in Antigua. Today we’re going to be talking about Hobbitenango Guatemala.

Getting There

So getting to Hobbitenango Guatemala is part of the experience. So to get to the mountain, you cannot get to the actual restaurant in your car. You could do it in many ways. You could either get a shuttle from Antigua that brings you to their main lot where you buy the entrance ticket.

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Hobbitenango Guatemala

The interesting thing in Guatemala, is anything ends with enango, like Jocotenango, Chichicastenango means place of high. So Hobbitenango is the place of Hobbits. It’s a Mayan word.

We had in Guatemala Hobbit land, more or less, is kind of the explanation. The place opened up about six or seven years ago. I remember when my husband and I went there for his birthday, and we were the only people there to the point where we made reservations, they were so new they just had this restaurant and these two little cabins that they were working on that looked like a little Hobbit home. 

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hobbitenango restaurant in antigua, guatemala

We even arrived before anybody else. We were waiting for the wait staff to arrive. Fast-forward to today. It is a Zoo, and I’m not even exaggerating. So that whole mountain, at one point they were the only ones. Now there are like 100 different places. And on weekends it is just a madhouse. It’s absolutely bonkers with the number of people that come here. 

entrance to the hobbitenango restaurant in antigua guatemala

Best time to go to Hobbitenango

So what do you do? You go on a Monday morning, and that’s exactly what we did because now it’s open all the time. So since we were there seven years ago, the place not only has grown for the people, but it has grown.

It has actually become a destination. It’s an entire village. So they have this whole restaurant where they have a buffet only on weekends. Because of the number of people that go through. I mean, we’re talking like 3000 people per week.

I mean, it’s absolutely bonkers. The buffet place was closed because Mondays it’s pretty lax, although I was amazed at the number of people that were there regardless.

woman sitting on a table holding a drink at hobbitenango


The entrance ticket is 75. Q around $10. Interestingly enough, there’s a lot that you could do with it. A lot that is included in it, unlike when we went to El Hato Verde and I have an entire podcast for that restaurant. It’s 115 q (around $16) but no activities are actually included in it, unlike Hobbitenango Guatemala. So I’ll get more into what is included in a bit.

Also, if you liked Hobbitenango, you should check the best restaurants in Guatemala, also, visit Jardines de Provenza, a beautiful lavender field, with stunning views of the volcano, you can eat there and take amazing photos

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Last Updated on July 3, 2023

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