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3 Reasons to Hire a Campervan when You Visit Scotland

Why Hire a campervan to Tour Scotland has a simple answer, so you can see more of the country that you want to see at a pace you choose. This can be on an organized and planned trip using an RV park or Wild Camping which became legal with the Land Reform Act of 2003. A campervan holiday is a near stress-free holiday and if planned right can be the most enjoyable holiday type.Three fun reasons why you should get a rental campervan when you visit Scotland.In this post, you will find rent campervan on Europe travel.

Visit Scotland

Why Hire a Campervan when You Visit Scotland

What is Wild Camping?

Wild camping is the setting up of a campsite on an unenclosed parcel of land. Because of the Land Reform Act you do not need permission from the land owner to spend the night.

Wild camping is what some people refer to as roughing it. It is because this type of campsite does not have any utilities or amenities a regular RV park would offer.

Why should you choose wild camping for your campervan adventure?

For most people following the rules and regulations are just part of life. With Wild Camping in Scotland there are no rules or regulation. With that said, each campervan operator should still respect the land they are using.

Being out in the middle of nowhere is great for stargazing or just being alone in the silence of the countryside. This can be done in places like Knoydart Peninsula and Peanmeanach Beach on the west coast. The isolation and rugged beauty is breathtaking.

Hire a campervan

Find cheap campervans for hire in Scotland  at, it’s the start of a great journey. There are plenty of options in styles and size so you can easily go on a holiday as a couple or as a family unit (yes, there is room for grandparents too in large berth vans).

What are the biggest differences in Wild camping and using an RV Park in Scotland

In an RV park you will be assigned a pitch once you pay the entrance fee. In most of them there are hookups for water and electricity. You might even have access to waste disposal tanks and refuse containers to get rid of your excessive items that you have used. Each park has its own set of rules and regulations that must be adhered to at all times.

With Wild Camping you will only have what you brought with you to use and eat. This is why your campervan should have both a fresh water and waste water tank. You might also want to have a solar panel for the generation of electricity. You will also be responsible for all cleanup of waste items. The ideal goal is that once you depart from your campsite it should look like you were never there.

Hiring a campervan will give have more freedom than the traditional static caravan holiday and you don’t have to worry about keeping your static caravan maintained. Wild camping is not permitted in Northern Ireland, Wales or England. For anyone wanting to get away from it all, Scotland and its rugged beauty is the place to be.

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