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Hire a Campervan in New Zealand: Tips and Recommendations

New Zealand is one of the most perfect destinations to explore by land, making it perfect for campervan enthusiasts. Its stunning landscapes and unique wildlife pair perfectly with the freedom and flexibility of a camping adventure. So, if you are planning such a journey, here are some of our top tips and recommendations to get the most out of your campervan hire NZ experience! 

Plan ahead

The trend of campervan hire in New Zealand has caught on significantly among travellers, creating high demand, especially during the peak summer months (December through February). Planning and booking early in advance ensures that you secure the vehicle you want, as well as potentially provides with some early-bird discounts. Besides, planning your itinerary ahead of time, at least roughly, is always recommended. 

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Choose the right campervan

Your campervan becomes your home for the journey, so it is of paramount importance that you choose the right one for your needs and wants. Campervan rental in New Zealand comes with a wide selection of vehicles, from compact two-berth vans, perfect for couples, to spacious six-berth motorhomes ideal for families or groups. Consider your requirements in terms of space, amenities, comfort, and the number of beds when making your choice. 

Understand your rental package

When embarking on your campervan adventure, be sure to thoroughly understand what your rental package includes. Some rental companies include unlimited mileage, GPS, cooking equipment, camping chairs and tables, insurance options, and 24-hour roadside assistance in their packages. Others may charge separately for these. Understanding what you’re paying for can avoid unwanted surprises and ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Insurance is a must

In any travel situation, being prepared for the unexpected with a reasonable insurance package is a must. While it will require additional budget for your holiday, keep in mind that your wellbeing is always the most important. It not only protects you from unforeseen mishaps, but also ensures you can enjoy your journey with minimal worries.

Know the local rules

New Zealand has specific road rules and camping regulations, so familiarizing yourself with these can make your journey smoother. While the country is famous for its ‘freedom camping’ rules, allowing you to park your campervan in a multitude of places, certain restrictions apply in specific regions, especially in popular tourist destinations. Ignoring these rules could lead to fines, so it’s wise to ask your campervan rental NZ company for information or do some research beforehand.

Take advantage of camping apps

There are several apps available that can greatly enhance your campervan experience in New Zealand. These can help you find camping sites, dump stations, points of interest, and even give real-time road condition updates. Apps like Campermate, Campable, and Rankers Camping NZ are among the most popular. 

Respect the environment

Finally, as you explore and enjoy New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes, remember to respect and protect them too. Opt for campervan rentals that provide eco-friendly solutions, such as solar panels for power, recycling facilities, and use of biodegradable cleaning products. Leaving no trace ensures the pristine environment remains for future explorers to enjoy.

To conclude, campervan hire in New Zealand offers a unique and unforgettable journey through the country’s beautiful landscapes. With these tips and recommendations, you’re well-prepared to embark on your epic Kiwi road trip!

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