Hilton Garden Inn Charleston and Why You Should Visit it Too

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Each year, my husband and I have a few days for a romantic getaway while our kiddies are with my parents getting their grandparents quality time in. This year the featured destination – Charleston, South Carolina. And we decided to start at the Hilton Garden Inn, here’s my review.

Interestingly enough, I’ve been along the East Coast of the US multiple times, yet for some unbeknownst reason I have missed South Carolina. Well, it was time to fill the gap.

The obvious spot was Charleston. Not so much because it’s a city. But because of its location, but due to being surrounded by tons of islands and beaches. When you visit this southern city, you get a lot more than you expect.

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Hilton Garden Inn, Charleston, South Carolina

After much consideration, I decided that staying in the heart of Charleston isn’t what we wanted. Sure, it would be great to be in the heart of the city, but our goal was to visit the surrounding areas as much as the actual city itself.

That’s how I found Hilton Garden Inn, Mount Pleasant. Separated by a gorgeous bridge, Mount Pleasant is on the other side of Charleston, closer to a lot of the beautiful islands that have a great bike route.

hilton garden inn charleston

Our main favorite thing to do: rent bikes and enjoy full days of exploring. We do this with our kids a lot, but when we are alone, this gives us more options for going further without worrying if our kiddies are bored or if it’s too far.

Mount Pleasant has a lot more perks that aren’t marketed properly. Our hotel was located perfectly near all sorts of international restaurants within walking distance.

Our bike shop was not even a block away, making it convenient to get the bikes.

Even though we were technically outside of Charleston in a suburban-style neighborhood, we barely used our car. That’s how convenient our location was.

king suite at hilton garden inn charleston sc

Book your room at Hilton Garden Inn Mount Pleasant

The room was super comfy and the room service and hotel staff were the epitomai of Southern Hospitality.

What also worked out the best, is the price. For half the price you would pay in the city, you get a gorgeous room. If you ask for a room with a view, you get the bridge and the water canal as your backdrop (not bad at all).

The parking is free, and you are away from the noise.

hilton garden inn mount pleasant sc

I really questioned myself several times over the decision to stay in the outskirts of Charleston, but now can definitely say it was a great choice and I would recommend it to anyone visiting the area.

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