Hiking Spruce Mountain in Vermont (+ Fun Facts)

family hike in stowe vermont

Stowe, Vermont is an adorable little town at the foot of two mountains: Spruce Peak and Mount Mansfield (the highest peak in Vermont). Even though you can enjoy the town, the main reason to visit this part of Vermont is to enjoy what nature has to offer. Especially, in the Green Mountain Region and hiking Spruce Mountain, VT is one of the best options.

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Spruce Mountain VT

During the summer months, hiking is a huge thing to do in all of Vermont. But it’s practically a must to do in the Green Mountain region. Stowe is smack dab in the middle of it and staying at Stowe Mountain Lodge you are literally footsteps away from most trails.

You can get in your car and drive all the way up Mount Mansfield Toll Road and catch the spectacular views from the top.

However, you can also do the Spruce Loop trail, which allows you to get more into the forest. You can also do harder trails that will take you up to the top. But with kids, you might as well do it the easy and joyful way.

beginning of spruce loop hike - stowe vermont
beginning of spruce peak trail

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Spruce Peak Trail is Kid Friendly

Maybe I should rephrase that. Mom and kid-friendly. I’m not a hiker. You won’t be finding me on any hardcore, uphill, crossing over river trails. I like my trails simple and sweet. That’s exactly what the Spruce Loop trail is all about. It’s perfect for all ages and the trail is done so well, that it’s wheelchair friendly as well.

You can do this hike on your own. It’s right out the front doors of the lodge. Or you can do a guided hike.

hiking Stowe Mountain Lodge, Vermont

However, if you do this hike on your own chances are you won’t learn all about the flora of the area. And if you’re ultra lucky, the fauna.

The trail starts with a wooden foot bridge. The whole trail is a loop, hence the name.

covered bridge in stowe, vermont

However, the best part of all is being in nature with the family.

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Fun Facts about Stowe Area

  • Stowe was chartered June 8, 1763 by Royal Governor Benning Wentworth of the New Hampshire colony.
  • At one time there were 10 covered bridges in Stowe built in the 1840s and 1850s; now there are but two – one bridge left over Gold Brook in Stowe Hollow and one over the West Branch at Brook Road.
  • Skiing was first introduced in 1914 by Swedish families living in Stowe.
  • The First ski trails were created in 1933.
  • Lumber and agriculture have been the essential industries of Stowe over most of its history.  
  • It is the second-largest town in the state of Vermont.
  • The weekend-long British Invasion event is held annually in Stowe during the third week of September.
  • The Stowe Theater Guild, along with Hyde Park Opera House, and the Waterbury Festival Players, combine to offer theatrical productions each summer.
  • Mount Mansfield is Vermont’s highest mountain and next to Stowe. It is a ski area with terrain suitable for intermediate to expert skiers.
  • In 2012, Stowe Land Trust conserved the Cady Hill Forest property in the heart of Stowe Village, and transferred ownership to the Town of Stowe.

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