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Hiking For Beginners: Helpful Hiking Tips For New Hikers

Are you planning to go hiking? Then there might be many questions in your head about how to prepare, the essential rules every hiker must follow, what things to carry, and so on. Worry not. We have some hiking tips for new hikers like you to make hiking more accessible. 

"Happy people jumping in Grand Canyon. Young multiethnic couple on hiking travel. Grand Canyon, south rim, Arizona, USA."
“Happy people jumping in Grand Canyon. Young multiethnic couple on hiking travel. Grand Canyon, south rim, Arizona, USA.”

Helpful Tips For New Hikers 

Hiking can be fun only if you are well-prepared. Here are some tips for beginner hikers to ensure you can comfortably follow the trails and enjoy them to the fullest.

1) Start With Easy Ones

Starting with an easy hike is a good idea when you’re just getting started, preferably in an area you’re already familiar with. If you live near nature, it could be just up the hills from your house or even on the outskirts of your city. Avoid going on hikes with steep, slippery paths until you are more comfortable with them. Always choose well-known hiking routes for your safety.

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2) Keep Track Of The Weather Forecast Before Starting The Hike

Any hiker can benefit from this tip, not just beginners. There is more to consider than just the weather where you’re going. The weather is often unavailable on the actual peak you’re headed to but in a nearby town or village. Forecasts can be wrong, so the actual weather may differ. Hence, keep checking the weather forecast before and while hiking. 

3) Don’t Forget To Take An EDC Bolt Action Pen

An everyday carry bolt action pen is an essential part of your hiking gear kit. You never know if you need to note certain areas you’ve visited or things you’ve found that can help another hiker or make things easier for your next outing. Because it’s always beneficial to take notes. 

4) Carry Or Download A Map Of The Route

Getting familiar with the route before you is one of the best trekking tips for beginners. So download or carry a map of the route and read up on all the information you can find about the hike. This will help you identify landmarks, which turns to take, etc.

5) Bring Enough Water And Food

Ensure that you have enough water and food on hand! Pack more food and take along more than enough water. You need water and food to stay hydrated when hiking for an extended period.

6) Pick Good Quality Hiking Shoes Or Boots

Wearing the proper footwear is another top trekking tip for beginners. You should wear comfortable walking shoes with good cushioning and grip. Easy beginner hikes can be done in trainers. Buying new hiking boots is excellent, but you should walk in them before taking them on your first hike so that you don’t blister.

7) Carry An All-Purpose Knife For Camping

A robust camping knife or an EDC knife is another must-have tool. In addition to allowing you to protect yourself from the elements, it can be used to create tools for catching food and cutting down vegetation for sustenance. It is important to choose knives that fold up easily for ease of carrying and to ensure that their blades are made of high-quality steel.

Carry These Essential Items:

You should also carry these essential items so that you can face any difficulty easily. 

1. First Aid Kit – to treat minor ailments such as bruises, scratches, cuts, headaches, dehydration, stomach bugs, and insect bites.

2. Set Of Fire Starters- To light the fire to protect you from cold and wild animals.

3. An Emergency Sleeping Bag For Survival –To protect you from insects, cold.

4. Water Filter- to clean water and avoid getting sick.

5. Signal Booster – to contact home or connect to a GPS when lost

6. Portable Phone Charger Or A Power Bank – to charge your mobile soon and connect with the world to get help.

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We hope you’ve found these tips helpful, and you will keep all these things in mind before embarking on the adventurous journey. 

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