Best Trails for Hiking in Costa Rica

As soon as you get to Costa Rica put on your hiking boot, get your binoculars ready, grab a camera, and go! There is no time to lose! This is an incredibly diverse country in the heart of Central America with over 160 parks, reserves, refuges, volcanoes, sanctuaries, and other conservation areas that can be explored by walking. Locals have been so careful with their land that in it, you are going to see Mother Nature at her best!

Because of all of the options that I mentioned above, Costa Rica is a place where tons of travelers go to and the one that you want to go to if you are looking for guided walking holidays abroad and close encounters with nature. The country is world-famous for up-close encounters with amazing wildlife, colorful culture, lovely people, and the possibility of a full-on immersion into a variety of ecosystems while hiking the well-marked trails scattered all over the country.

Also, you should be really careful of the fer de lance, it can be really deadly.

Hiking in Costa Rica Trails

Hiking in Costa Rica – What’s Your Style?

– Do you want to hike through lowland forests and coastal wetlands?
– Are you a mountain climber? How about challenging yourself by attacking some steep trails?
– Why not enjoy a leisure hike to the top of an active or dormant volcano for some amazing views?
– Or maybe you want to experience the famous hanging bridges that go over the forest.

As you are able to see Costa Rica has something for everyone. All you have to do is consult the service of your choice. They may have the perfect thing for you.

Trails in Costa Rica I Recommend:

Include a few or all of these places in your walking holiday for a memorable experience:

1. Coffee Plantations in the Central Valley – Learn all about how Costa Rican coffee is prepared and get a taste of it.
2. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve – Go for a search for the Respendent Quetzal.
3. The Nicoya Peninsula – Find gorgeous beaches, lush pastures and cute villages.
4. Arenal Volcano – One of the most active volcanoes in the world, yet safe enough for a walk.
5. Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge – Every bird watcher’s paradise.
6. Rincon de la Vieja National Park and Volcano – Walk in the middle of the rain forest toward the cráter.
7. Santa Rosa National Park – Central America’s largest protected dry forest.

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Insider Tips

After exploring the country, I discovered a few things that might help your adventure in Costa Rica be as good as it can. So put these 3 tips in practice.

– The best time to see birds and wildlife is early in the day, they seem to hide during the afternoon.
– During the rainy season, get on the trails early. In the Central American Countries, rainy season regularly means sunny mornings and rainy afternoons. follow this tip and chances are, you won’t get all wet and muddy.
– To see the most elusive animals, and to get all of the fun info hire a professional guide or join a tour.

Have you started packing yet? Costa Rica trails and all its wonders are waiting for you to explore every corner of it. So don’t you dare miss it.

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Hiking in Costa Rica - Tips to Find the Right Trail for You

Last Updated on September 25, 2023

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