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Hiking Boots For Kids: Vasque Boots Review

Hiking with kids is one of those activities that looks really fun on paper, but when you get out there with your kids and do it, instead it turns into a lot of complaining and discomfort. This kind of takes the joy out of the nature-loving afternoon we plan with them.

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hiking boots for kids
Hiking with Kids

Thinking of ways to make it a better experience is a challenge in itself. However, one thing I did notice is that my son doesn’t have good hiking boots for kids. I don’t know if that’s part of the problem, but it’s something that I can have full control over.

So the search began. It’s so hard to figure out exactly what your kid will love the most. But when I found the Breeze 3.0 Kids UltraDry boot by Vasque I had a feeling these will be a huge hit!

kids hiking boots
Cool Factor Boots

I was right!

Our hiking trip wasn’t scheduled for a good two weeks after the shoes arrived, but I couldn’t get my son to stop trying them on and playing with them. I was almost scared the boots wouldn’t make it for the actual trip. Good thing they are tough enough to take on my nine-year-old – which is a feat in itself.

Features of the Hiking Boot for Kids – Breeze 3.0 Ultradry:

1. Durability

this is huge. My son is one of those boys that will explore every tree, rock and piece of ground including rivers, creeks, and holes. So the shoes have to endure all this and so much more.

There were no problems when it came to getting roughed up.

hiking with kids
Getting one with nature

2. Weight

Kids simply can’t handle any extra weight on them. Not sure how they feel it, but we have had to return shoes that were ‘too heavy’ for my son. These shoes – even though they look heavy – got this response out of him, “They feel like slippers that cover my ankles.” I’ll take that as a good thing.

3. Water Resistant

right now we are going through the rainy season in Guatemala. So even if the sun comes out for several hours, the ground is still saturated and the mud is super muddy. There is no way to avoid it.

Remarkably enough, after our day out, his socks were totally dry. And it rained on us towards the end of the hike.

My Take On It:

It’s not easy finding good hiking shoes. Kids seem to be pickier than adult women when it comes to footwear – there’s always that ‘cool factor’ plus all the other stuff that moms look for. These babies passed with flying colors on all ends.

I do recommend changing the shoelaces. The ones they come with are waxy and never stayed tied properly. I had to stop my son every few minutes and tie them up in several knots since he was dragging them through the dirt. And they still kept on unraveling.

kids hiking
Bow and Arrow Action

Where to Buy the Vasque Breeze 3.0?

Nowadays, internet shopping is the way to go for my family and me. It’s easy, and I don’t have to leave the house. That’s how I found Vasque Products’ website. The customer service was great and extremely efficient and fast!

However, if you’re like most people, you can find their retailers all over the place. Here’s a great list of retailers.

Now go and start exploring with your boys!

2 thoughts on “Hiking Boots For Kids: Vasque Boots Review

  1. I have yet to try hiking with my kids, perhaps I should do as soon as possible. I think you perfectly right on getting the right set of hiking boots. Vasque Breeze looks good to me.

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