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Hike Smart at Grand Canyon National Park

If you’re looking for a great place to hike this summer, the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona is definitely a place to consider. It is a hiking spot that offers everything: a gorgeous landscape, a hiking trail for everyone, and plenty of amenities to enjoy along the way.

The weather is also great most of the time, which is why a trip to the Grand Canyon can be magical. Before you plan your next hiking trip to the Grand Canyon, however, here are several important tips to keep in mind. Hiking the Grand Canyon National Park can be exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. These are my top tips on how to hike smart.

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Hike Smart in the Grand Canyon National Park

Hike Smart in the Grand Canyon National Park

Know Your Limits

As mentioned earlier, the Grand Canyon National Park is the perfect hiking place in the US regardless of your level of experience. There is a trail for everyone, so there’s absolutely no need to push yourself beyond your personal limits. Know how far you can walk and the level of difficulty you are prepared to face before you plan your trip.

It is also important to learn more about the different routes and areas to explore in the Canyon. The South Rim, for example, is great for light hikes and a moderately short trip. Other spots require you to climb – or drop – and scale, creating a much bigger challenge and certainly a thrilling adventure.

Pack Lightly and Wear the Right Outfit

Even when you’re going on a hiking trip, it is important to wear the right outfit. The goal here is to stay comfortable during the trip. You will be spending a lot of time doing outdoor activities in (usually) warm weather, so wear clothes made of breathable fabric and pick up a comfortable pair of women’s walking shoes.

The same goes for packing. The last thing you’d want is to carry a heavy bag (or bags) during the trip. Pack smartly and carry only the items you need for the time you will be away. Don’t forget to also bring some extra clothing and spare socks.

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The Fuel of Your Hike

Hiking is a really energy-consuming activity, so you will need to increase your calorie intake accordingly. Going on a diet – or maintaining one – when you are on a hike is definitely NOT something you want to do. Instead, you should prepare enough snacks for the trip, along with bottles of water and energy drinks. Salty snacks are highly recommended.

Most of the food and drink you carry will likely come in plastic packaging, so remember not to leave anything but footsteps as you explore the wonders of Grand Canyon National Park. You can bring an extra garbage bag or cloth bag to store all of your garbage until you reach a trash bin. You’ll find that there are plenty of places where you can empty your rubbish.

If you’re planning your first hiking trip, I can’t recommend the Grand Canyon enough. After you visit, it’s very likely that you’ll be eager to plan your next trip. Just remember to plan the trip properly, pack all the right stuff and always understand your limits. More importantly, put safety and comfort above everything else

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