Highlights of a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

Have you heard of City in the Middle of the Ocean? No, I’m not talking about Atlantis. I’m talking about the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship!

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

Honestly, I couldn’t even understand what that meant by looking at it online, or reading about it. Nothing compares when you’re standing on a ship that is so immense, that you literally feel as though you are in a city of its own.

But that’s not all. Check out all the cool things this boat had – which will blow your mind! No wonder people are Cruise Junkies.

What to See on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship:

The City Center – Four Stories High – The Promenade

center of a royal caribbean cruise

Elevator and Inside the ship

elevator inside the royal caribbean

The Shopping District

shopping district inside of the royal caribbean

Crazy Village People Like Entertainment

crazy village people as entertaiment inside the royal caribbean

Dining room which is an Observatory too – on the TENTH floor!

Dining room which is an Observatory too at a royal caribbean cruise

On Ship Broadway Like Shows

broadway like shows on board of a royal caribbean cruise

Non Stop Anti Germ Cleaners – EVERYWHERE!

anti germ everywhere on board of a royal caribbean

Unbelievable Sunsets

sunset from a royal caribbean cruise

And Sunrises

sunrise from a cruise

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship – Highlights

Last Updated on September 16, 2023

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