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Hidden Gems in Tanzania for Honeymoon

Tanzania is a well-known country for its complex culture and wide wildlife, becoming one of the best choices for a safari, but not only for that. With its amazing landscapes, beautiful beaches, and a ton of secrets, many tourists and couples head to Tanzania for a honeymoon, looking for a one-time-in-a-lifetime experience. From the almighty Serengeti to the stunning Zanzibar Islands, there are a lot of activities, landmarks, and attractions that can make a honeymoon unforgettable. Here I’m going to list the best-hidden gems in Tanzania for a honeymoon.

Located in the East of Africa, Tanzania has a lot to offer, from sandy beaches with clear water in Zanzibar to the many National Parks it has. But those are pretty well-known visitor attractions, fortunately, there are many hidden gems that fit perfectly for a honeymoon in Tanzania. From the historic landmarks of Kilwa to Mount Hanang.

honeymoon paradise with crystal water beach and white sand in zanzibar tazmania

Whether you’re looking for wildlife encounters, adventure, a beach getaway, relaxation, and something in between, it has something for everyone, so, get your Tanzania Visa and prepare your luggage!

Hidden Gems in Tanzania for Honeymoon


The Island of Zanzibar is probably one of the most well-known and visited places in Tanzania, even if you’re heading for hidden gems, this is a must-visit. The archipelago offers stunning beaches with white sand and turquoise water packed with coral reefs, but not only that, a good deal of water activities are offered on the island, from fishing to snorkeling and scuba diving, SUP, and kite surf among others.

Furthermore, there are many inland activities, from exploring its ancient town made mostly of stone to its spice plantations (the island is sometimes called the Spice Island), offering tours and tastings.

Landmarks of Kiliwa

Kilwa is an island with great beaches, and it’s completely a hidden gem, many times it lacks the crow that can be found in Zanzibar, but it’s still a tourist place. The island is also a national historic site, which is why its major attractions are those. You can find many ruins that date back to the 13th and 14h centuries, being the Husuni Kubwa Palace and the splendorous Great Mosque, another great mention is Songo Mnara.

I highly recommend you do a tour, walking the streets of its town and visiting as many historical sites as you can. That way you can really grasp the culture.

There are many water activities to do too, it’s a great place to check coral reefs while snorkeling or scuba diving.

Lake Chala

Also known as Lake Challa, it was a volcanic crater many years ago. It’s located on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. The biggest draw about the lake (besides the fact it used to be a volcano) is how the color of the water changes depending on the time of the year you see it, sometimes blue, turquoise, or green. The water is clear all year long.

If you go on a tour on a day trip, you may be able to swim on the lake, which is a great experience. Not only that, Lake Chala is wonderful to explore nature.

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