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Hershey Amusement Park – Tour in Photos

main building - Hershey Park PA USA

Hershey, Pennsylvania is much more than just chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. One of the best amusement parts in located here as well.

Hershey Amusement Park!

kiddie ride - Hershey Park PA USA

What was really great about this amusement park were the roller coasters. They have nine huge ones. However, they also had great ones for younger kids that will give any adult a jumpstart to their heart.

rollercoaster - Hershey Park PA USA

Without a doubt the most fun of the trip were the roller coasters.

cocoa cruiser - live action - Hershey Park PA USA

Loved their measuring system.

measuring kids - Hershey Park PA USA

And to see my little boys utter joy on a roller coaster. This was his first time to ever to do this and now he’s an addict along with my oldest boy.

trailblazer - live action - Hershey Park PA USA

What’s a theme park without some character action.

transformers - Hershey Park PA USA

Not all coaster are created equal. This one was – go at your own risk – sort of ride.

the wildcat rollercoaster - Hershey Park PA USA


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