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Here’s Why You Should Choose Turkey For A Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a major concern for people in the present times, that is estimated to affect 40 percent of men. Usually, hair loss problems are determined by genes, which ensures that there is nothing much that can be done to avoid or reverse the process of male pattern baldness. While hair loss primarily affects the male population, women experience a degree of hair loss as well.Numerous reasons contribute to the well-established nature of hair transplant surgeries in Turkey, which might make you rethink your decision.


Hair Transplant

The country of Turkey is the Modern and International destination for tourism and vacations, attracting uncountable tourists every year from all over the globe for its mesmerizing historical value and mouth-watering, delicious cuisine.

However, the country expects thousands of tourists and visitors every year for a reason other than the ones mentioned above. The country, linking to Europe and Asia has perfectly blended in the ancient and modern factors in medicine and has now become the capital of Hair Transplant in the world. Tourists are flooding in for aesthetic and cosmetic surgeries from all over the world. 

Turkey is the latest hotspot for men and women wanting a hair transplant. The hair transplant in Turkey is booming, with specialized and leading clinics like BlueMagic Group International which can perform hair transplants for a much lesser price, and highest quality, with immensely skilled and certified surgeons and technicians. Hair transplant in Turkey is in the buzz nowadays. 

One might wonder, why Turkey has become the epitome of hair transplantation surgeries.


Here are some reasons why you should go for a hair transplant in Turkey:

  1. Lower costs, better quality

Year on year, there has been an unprecedented increase in hair transplant procedures. However, these operations do not eliminate the pricing factor. Hair transplants are considerably more expensive in countries like the U.K and the U.S.A and looking for an experienced and qualified clinic can also become a hurdle in the process in the given countries.

In the United Kingdom, for instance, a normal hair transplant can cost up to £16,000 on average. 

In the U.S.A, generally, a hair transplant can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000

This mammoth cost for the hair transplant procedures has made patients choose Turkey for its benefits in all aspects.

  1. Modernized techniques

The economic costing structure of clinics in Turkey in no way connects to the quality of the service you get. Presently, when it comes to hair transplants, Turkey has been one of the world leaders. Istanbul, Turkey was one of the world’s first places to offer hair transplants for FUE. FUE stands for “follicular unit extraction” which involves the extraction of hair follicles from a donor location and transplanting it to the target site, which is usually the head. Then the transplanted follicles can develop hair that is solid, thicker, natural, and fuller in appearance.

BlueMagic Group Clinic offers the Sapphire FUE which uses specialized blades made from the gemstone sapphire, for a more efficient procedure.

  1. The safety and regulation of procedures

FUE Hair transplant in Turkey is a safe and effective, minimally invasive treatment. This procedure has minimal scarring, generally invisible to the naked eye. Turkish FUE procedures have a much shorter recovery period when compared to a normal hair transplant. Treatment of FUE is carried out under a local anesthetic which numbs the donor and target area on which the procedure is operated on. 

Many people are concerned and skeptical about their medical tourism, essentially suspicious to travel to another country for a procedure, which is natural. As medical tourism destinations have been skyrocketing, hair transplant clinics in Turkey have to comply with strict rules and regulations of the state and the surgeons, technicians and medical experts have to comply with international standards of training requirements. To carry out a hair transplant procedure in Turkey, only certified physicians are allowed.

  1. The Luxury

Another reason to go to Turkey is the luxury that comes along with the treatment. The competitive environment for being the best hair transplant in Turkey has pushed all the clinics to provide their patients with utmost leisure and luxury factors. The highest-rated luxury hotels and accommodations, travel, and sightseeing with numerous leisure activities in Turkey are what make it the best!

  1. All-inclusive packages

If you are traveling to Turkey for a hair transplant, BlueMagic Group provides all-inclusive packages for your treatment with a cost-effective structure. These packages will take care of your travel, itinerary, accommodation, and transportation to the hotel as well! And the cost of all of this will be inclusive of the package. This makes BlueMagic Group the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. 

  1. The treatment location

The country of Turkey is bordered by Greece, Syria, and Bulgaria. The country neighbors the Mediterranean Sea, which is rich in seafood and marine life. Turkey is also close to the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara which has colorful Bosphorus and the Dardanelles demarcate the border between Thrace and Anatolia.

The capital of Turkey, Istanbul, has 15 million inhabitants. On the other hand, you get to experience the wonders of the world, Hagia Sophia, the evening lights of Bosphorus, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, spice market, and the best shopping arena. 


When choosing Turkey, why not choose the Best hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

BlueMagic Group International is the leading hair transplant clinic with ultra-modern techniques, well-equipped operative measures, and not just that, you get to discover Turkey with luxury! 

At BlueMagic Group, it’s not just a treatment, it’s an experience

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