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Here’s How You Can Plan an Exotic Honeymoon for Your Bae!

Of all the aspects of weddings and engagements, honeymoons are a much-needed vacation that helps the couples to shed off some wedding stress and spend some quality time with each other.

Traditionally grooms used to book tickets for the trip, planned everything, and whisked the bride away to some exotic place with the tag behind the car “Just Married.” Isn’t that cute and insanely romantic?

But the times have changed, and gender roles have been redefined. If the husband can pick out the wedding dress, the wife can plan an exotic honeymoon for both of them.


So, if you are about to get married to the love of your life, here’s how you can plan a luxurious honeymoon for your bae.

Let’s get started!

Plan an Exotic Honeymoon

Tips to Plan an Exotic Honeymoon

Choose a place he/she always wanted to go

Everyone has their dream place. Imagine this, when you were dating your partner always talked about visiting Paris but for some reasons, he/she couldn’t go. And now you just surprised him/her with the tickets to Paris. Wouldn’t your partner be smiling ear to ear after receiving the gift of a lifetime? So, make some efforts and select the best honeymoon destination for your partner.

Go for private jets or planes

You might have gone on innumerable trips with your partner when you were dating. So, what makes your honeymoon special? It would be best if you thought big and went overboard by opting for a private jet or a plane. It will elevate the adventurous part of the honeymoon. You can either go with private helicopters or Light Jets to celebrate your honeymoon king/queen style. Don’t worry! They are not as expensive as you think, you can get good deals and packages. You just need to research and select the ones that fit your budget.

Take your time to book your honeymoon suite

Booking a honeymoon suite is a bit of a challenge. Not all hotels will provide what you are looking for. Book the wrong one, and you’ll be stuck with poor service and amenities during your vacation. So, you need to talk to the hotel owners or survey the websites properly and find out what they provide and what you want.

 Obviously, booking the perfect suite is a crucial part of the romantic vacation because it is the only place where you’ll be turning off your phones and everything and spend some quality time together.

After making the reservations, you need to call the hotel in advance and declare yourself as “newlywed.” Do the same for the restaurants, bars, and every other venue you are planning to visit with your better half.

Wrapping Up!

You can also consider opting for some adventurous activities on your trip. It will keep you both entertained and feel lively.

Planning a honeymoon requires a lot of planning and creativity. By planning a kick-ass honeymoon using the tips mentioned above, you can give a grandeur start to your marriage life. Because after months of wedding preps, this is something that you both deserve.

So, tap into your creative self and gift the dream honeymoon trip to your partner. Cheers to you both!

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