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Here is Why Private Jet Travel is Becoming Increasingly Common!

A private chartered jet journey was exclusive for Jet owners and the ultra-rich but that is changing rapidly. A chartered plane not only provides a better flight experience, it also takes your journey to a completely new level. While non-public jet tours may not be a choice for many of us, more and more people who can afford it, are opting for private jet travel these days. An analysis of why traveling on board of a private jet is becoming more and more common even for people who don’t own Private Jet Travel.

Private Jet Travel

Chartered jet aircraft’s are available in all sizes and styles, from tiny two-seaters up to supersized VIP airliner conversions. A chartered jet also takes the pressure out airline travel making it easier, every step of the way.

Whether touring alone or with a group, private jet charter are an exclusive kind of experience.

You can forget about security, there are no safety screenings, no metal detectors, and not even a gate. You simply drive up to your aircraft and be airborne within minutes.

These chartered jets can land at many greater airports than commercial planes

and are relatively quick compared to regular airlines. When you fly to your destination from a the Best rated private jet charter, you pick out your airports and design your personal take-off times.  Naturally, there are no queues and crowds that you may have to otherwise go through.

In case you want to go Island hopping in your private chartered jet, you can visit Fregate Island Private, Seychelles; The Brando, French Polynesia; Laucala Island, Fiji; Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro; and Singita Grumeti, Serengeti, Tanzania.

The chartered jets take much less time on the floor and do not require large runways or many airport resources to be airborne. On top of moving faster and losing much less time, the overall process is less complicated than simply traveling business class in commercial airlines.

A majority of people believe that the chartered jet service is simply accessible to the ultra-rich people out there. However, most private planes you see at airports are without a doubt owned by charter services and are commonly used by those who can afford to. While it is obviously going to cost you more than a regular commercial flight but pricing for chartered jets has become a little more affordable compared to the past.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $1500 to $2500 an hour depending on the aircraft and services you finalize and while this may seem a lot to some, the benefits and the overall experience of the flight ensures that you get your money’s worth every step of the way.

The luxury and class you feel flying in a private jet alone is worth the money and with providers like Jettly, it is becoming quite easy to select and hire a private jet for all kinds of trips at reasonable and competitive pricing.

So plan your ideal trip, decide your planes and airports and simply get going! Whether your traveling for business or luxury, in each case, flying private takes the whole experience to the next level.

What is your take on Private Jet Travel?

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