Here are the Essentials to Include in Your Travel Kikay Kit

Traveling is fun! Stress takes its toll when it comes to packing for your trip, especially if it’s your first time. Often, you may forget some of the essential items that they need much during the trip. Having a traveling kikay kit helps ease packing stress. All you need to do is know what your kikay needs to hold. Once you set the contents of the package, you only need to shove it in your traveling bag. 

This article talks about some of the essentials that you need to have in your Travel Kikay Kit. They include the following:

Here are the Essentials to Include in Your Travel Kikay Kit

Face moisturizer 

When traveling, you change the environment and temperatures too. When using a plane, for instance, there is recycled air. These sudden changes can have an impact on the balance of your skin moisture. With that said and done, a moisturizer would help much if it came in handy. It prevents the skin from drying out. According to beauty experts, if you allow the skin to dry out, the high chances are that it’s going to break out, and that’s why you need a moisturizer that can detox your skin, leaving it hydrated. 


Another thing that you ought to include in your travel kikay is the foundation, as it’s crucial when it comes to the general beauty. Without the right foundation, the application of lipstick or eye shadow will all be a waste of time. It’s for this reason that every woman is always looking for long lasting foundations that don’t oxidize. Well, a foundation that oxidizes is known to give a darker and ghostly look, and that’s the last thing you would expect. Finding that foundation that compliments you and exceeds your expectations can prove difficult, and that’s why you need to check on reviews about the best foundations in the market that don’t oxidize. With a detailed review, it’s much easier to arrive at the perfect foundation that you need to add to your travel kikay.


Using air as a means of transport can sometimes have you exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun. It is, therefore, a good idea to apply sunscreen on your skin before boarding a plane. This process helps reduce the damage of the ultraviolet rays on your skin. You should also make sure to apply again while on board. You should also remember to buy a sunscreen that blends well with your skin.

Facial Scrub

When traveling, don’t forget to carry your facial scrub with you. It does not matter whether the place you are going to is cold or hot. If not exfoliated regularly, your skin can form blemishes or break out. Therefore, you need to have your facial scrub packed in your travel kit. If you are spending most of your time at the beach, you will need to use a facial scrub at the end of the day. It helps unclog pores and protects your skin from developing blemishes like acne. 

Micellar Water

One thing that makes this water universal is its easiness when using. One doesn’t need to carry the whole bottle for the trip. You only need to transfer some of it in a small container that can fit in your kikay kit. Use micellar water with cotton pads, so you will also need to pack some of them. Once you reach your destination, use this oil to remove makeup and excess skin oil.

Toothpaste and toothbrush

Your toothbrush or toothpaste also remains an essential combo to include in your travel. Majorly, this depends on how long you will be gone. If you are going to be away for a few days, pack a small toothbrush and toothpaste. You can also choose to pack mouthwash. Mouthwash leaves your teeth with an amazingly clean all the time during your traveling. When you find yourself traveling to places that lack a consistent supply of water, you should not stress yourself out as mouthwash will save your day and have your teeth feeling fresh.


The last essential item that should not be missing in your kikay kit is a mirror. The size of the mirror does not have to be significant. You will use the mirror to put your face in good shape, especially when you are doing your makeup. 

Apart from the above-listed items essential for your kikay traveling kit, you should check out what other females have in their packages. From that, you will learn more about other essentials that you may need to add. You can still opt to ask friends about their must-haves.

Last Updated on June 7, 2023

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