Heli-Skiing with Kids: Top Tips for Getting Started

Skiing is often a family sport. Many parents take their kids to the ski resort every year from the time they are very little. Kids that grow up skiing tend to also make these vacations a part of their winter routine when they become adults, as well. A more adventurous form of skiing, heli-skiing, is gaining ground as a family-friendly activity. More regulated heli-skiing businesses have made this experience more accessible to all ability levels and ages. Kids do well when they are prepared properly.What you need to introduce your kids to this exciting sport.In this blog post you will learn all about Heli-Skiing with kids.


Ski Ability

Heli-skiing is not for those that need ski lessons. If you plan to take your kids with you to remote areas, they need to have moderate skiing skills. If you live in an area where regular skiing is accessible, get the kids out on the slopes as often as you can. If you only go on annual trips, you should put off heli-skiing until they have learned to ski well. The entire family can have more fun when kids are able to ski on their own. When you plan your trip, make heli-skiing an activity for later in the week. A few days of regular skiing may help to get the kids warmed up and comfortable on the slopes.

The Helicopter

This is one thing that parents often do not think about until their child starts screaming as the helicopter takes off. Even if your kids have been on a chair lift, a helicopter ride can still be scary. Parents spend so much time preparing their kids for the skiing, they often forget to talk their kids through the helicopter part. Most people do not have a helicopter to practice with, so it is a good idea to explain the process to your children. If you know your child gets afraid in high places, like roller coasters and Ferris wheels, you may need to work with them quite a bit.


It may seem like common sense to wear appropriate clothing, however, kids tend to be less tolerant of discomfort. When you ski near the resort, you can easily hop back over to your room for an extra layer or two. Once you are out in a remote area, you are not going anywhere until the entire tour group is ready to go back. It may also be colder once you get out away from the buildings and crowds. Add an extra layer to children’s outfit for the trip, or carry extra clothes in small pack. Gloves should be waterproof and reach up over the arms to keep snow out, as well. Googles are not all the same. Anti-fog goggles are best for kids, as they may be afraid if they suddenly can’t see.

Heli-skiing does not have to be risky or frightening. You can choose a family friendly outing for your kid’s first experience. They do need to be prepared, however. Kids respond differently than adults in many scenarios. It is a good idea to thin ahead when planning a heli-skiing adventure. Teach your kids to ski well, and talk to them about each step of the journey. No one is going to have fun if they are uncomfortable or afraid, either. Be sure to layer up and provide proper goggles for ultimate visibility. Once the kids are trained and suited up, get ready for some family fun.

Last Updated on January 5, 2022

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