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Why Heli-Skiing In The Canadian Rockies Makes For An Unforgettable Vacation

If you’ve ever been to a ski resort you know how crowded and impersonal it can be. Ski hills are often so crowded that you have to wait in line for the chairlift, wasting most of the day. In the end you may only get to experience a handful of runs when you had intended to ski much more. Then you have go back to a hotel with hundreds of other people. If you’re interested in a great alternative, you should check out heli-skiing in BC (British Columbia), Canada.Why Heli-Skiing In the Canadian Rockies makes for an unforgettable vacation.Check out this post to learn about Canadian Rockies details.

Canadian Rockies

Heli-skiing offers all of the benefits of being at a ski resort, but removes the negative factors. This style of ski vacation involves traveling to the top of a mountain by helicopter. When you reach the top, the helicopter drops you off and you can ski back down in pure, untouched back country powder. BC is famous for its stunning vistas; the Canadian wilderness provides a breathtaking backdrop to some of the most sought-after skiing in the entire world!

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Taking a heli-skiing vacation guarantees excitement, and because your lift is a helicopter, you are guaranteed a mountain with great conditions and ideal snow to ski on. Some other great benefits are that you will have the whole mountain to yourself, with comfortable lodges located at the bottom, providing a personal space to unwind and have a drink after hitting the slopes. Most services provide room for parties of four and the cozy, remote lodges typically provide four star amenities and gourmet food so you can chow down on some premium quality cuisine after working up an appetite skiing. The solitary nature of the accommodations makes for a more intimate experience with less distraction;being out in nature in this way can provide much needed relief from the noise and stress of work and everyday life.

It is extremely important to make sure you have all of the right equipment for your trip, the first and foremost of which is obviously a good pair of skis and boots that fit well. Secondly a lightweight, but wind-resistant shell coat is also crucial to keep out the harsh winds near the top of the mountain and snow pants that fit properly will help you maneuver better when skiing because they reduce drag and have the right amount of flexibility. Under your outer shell you will want to wear something that pulls moisture away from your skin, as you will be sweating a lot while skiing. A camera might be a good addition to your equipment if you have a penchant for photography or like to share photos with friends and family; the landscape is remote and majestic so the opportunities for stunning photography are ample. Heli-skiing is the kind of adventure you’ll want to return to again and again, you’ll learn a lot with each new adventure and for further tips you can visit Great Canadian Heli Skiing.

Heli-skiing in BC can make for an extremely enjoyable and relaxing vacation. It is sure to be a unique experience that not many can say they have tried. Having the whole mountain to your group makes for a personal, memorable trip.

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