Head to Manuel Antonio for the Perfect Costa Rican Road Trip

Many people think of Costa Rica as a paradise. There are many different micro climates around this tiny country that each offer beautiful vistas and unique experiences. You could plan any number of road trips in Costa Rica and experience a worthwhile and lovely adventure. However, Costa Rica is known as a tropical paradise, and driving in Costa Rica can be a nice experience. So planning a road trip that visits one of the most beautiful tropic regions of the country is not just fitting but a perfect way to spend your time on things to do in Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio is the perfect road trip destination.

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Costa Rica Road Trip

Fly Into San Jose and Rent a Vehicle There

The average visitor to Costa Rica will fly into the San Jose airport, also known as the Juan Santamaria  International Airport. Once you are there, you will have access to all the amenities that the capital city has to offer. It’s often fun to start your trip with a day or two wandering the streets of things to do in San Jose. From the artisan’s markets to the theater, there are many different kinds of entertainment available. Once you’ve had your fill of city life, it’s time to pack up the essentials for a road trip in your vehicle and head west. Plan your route ahead of time, stay safe on the road, and you’re sure to have a beautiful and enjoyable road trip.

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Enjoy a Scenic Drive and a Picturesque Destination

Traveling through the mountains that ring San Jose can be difficult. You should plan to give yourself plenty of time and pack snacks and phone chargers. There will be many beautiful vistas to enjoy as you travel through the countryside toward Manuel Antonio. Many people stay in the nearby city of Quepos. From there, it is easy to drive or take a bus to the actual Manuel Antonio Park and nearby beach. Please note that the park is not open on Mondays year-round.

Wandering through the park is a beautiful way to spend the afternoon, as there are waterfalls and rain forest to explore. There are also several beautiful beaches accessible within the park. At the end of the day, you can head back to your lodgings for dinner and drinks. The return trip to San Jose will be no less scenic or enjoyable than the trip out to the ocean.

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If you only have a few days to enjoy Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio is a must-visit location. Taking a road trip ensures that you aren’t subject to bus schedules or other issues. It can also allow you to enjoy more of the countryside during your brief visit.

Last Updated on April 15, 2023

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