Haymarket Boston: Dirt Cheap Products and a Whole Experience

Markets and I are best friends. I seek them out where ever I go and can spend hours simply wandering around, enjoying the atmosphere, without buying anything at all. This time I visited Haymarket in Boston, and it was a whole experience itself.

Living in Guatemala my addiction stays alive and well with the amazing traditional and local markets here with prices that I never thought would be beaten, especially not in the United States.

I was proven wrong when we arrived at Haymarket in Boston! What a place. And not only is it dirt cheap, but full of history (like the rest of Boston).

Haymarket in Boston
Boston Haymarket

What Makes Haymarket in Boston Unique

1. Over two centuries ago the locals congregated in this area selling hay, and slowly other products were introduced.

2. Today the market is alive and booming. Today’s vendors mainly sell fresh produce at the lowest prices possible.

3. It is said that the fruits and veggies for sale are what the supermarkets couldn’t sell during the week.

4. Even though it is unsold one-week-old produce, I have never seen such a large supply of the freshest, most colorful fruits, berries, and veggies in a really long time.

haymarket boston

5. It’s a lot more than just veggies and fruit.

Cheese is delicious and cheap

cheese for sale at haymarket boston
Yummy Cheese

Fresh Seafood – What’s a market in Boston without seafood?

seafood at haymarket in boston
Seafood Frenzy

Goat Anyone?

Meat and butchers at hay market in boston ma
Full Goat or Half?

Fun Facts about Haymarket in Boston

  • Haymarket Square in Boston is an open-air fruit and vegetable market near the North End, Government Center, Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

  • Haymarket has been open since about 1830. Although, vendors started congregating and selling their HAY  here at least 100 years earlier.

  • It has since undergone many transformations, but still retains its location and chaotic charm.

  • Most vendors arrive and set up around 6am, and stay until around 6pm – sometimes later on Fridays during the summer.

  • It is everything your average supermarket isn’t: cheap and loud and in your face.

Haymarket in Boston – You Can’t Top Their Prices


Last Updated on June 20, 2023

3 thoughts on “Haymarket Boston: Dirt Cheap Products and a Whole Experience

  1. When I travel, I always make it a point to visit the markets. The Haymarket seems like a very good find. Look at those prices and the variety of things they are selling! I probably won’t buy a (fresh-killed) goat though.

    1. Hey Freya,

      Yeah, the Goat thing was a bit out there. Definitely not something I expected to find in the US.

  2. I love markets too. This looks like a fun one to visit. Love that sign about the goat!

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