Hang Ten With These 5 Surfing Tips for Beginners

There are 35 million suffers across the world. Do you want to become one of them? Surfing is a great way to have fun and give yourself a great workout. But it can also be dangerous and difficult to learn. Luckily, there are plenty of surfing tips for beginners to help you master the art of surfing while staying safe. Surfing is a fun and adventurous water sport you can try with enough practice. But before you hit the waves, check surfing tips for beginners.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to learn 5 important surfing tips for beginner needs to know.

Surfing Tips for Beginners

5 Surfing Tips for Beginners

1. Pick the Right Beach

Not every beach is suitable for beginner surfers. Start by locating a prime beach in your area. The waves should be big enough to surf, but not so big that it would be dangerous for a first-time surfer.

You should also consider going to a less crowded beach. You’ll likely have trouble controlling your board, and the last thing you want is to hit other surfers. Of course, no matter what beach you choose, always make sure you bring a buddy!

2. Get the Right Equipment

Whether you rent or buy a board, you’ll want to start with something big and soft-topped. The larger size makes it easier to catch waves and maintain your balance while a soft-top surfboard will be gentle on your feet.

You’ll also want a wet suit, especially if your surfing in colder waters like those in Canada or California. Since most wet suits are made of neoprene, you’ll need a hypoallergenic wet suit if you suffer from neoprene allergies.

3. Practice on Land First

You’re probably excited to get in the water. But it’s important to take your time practicing on dry land first.

You’ll need to master your push-up in order to keep your balance and successfully ride a wave. The easiest way to do this is by practicing on the beach until your push-up is nice and fluid.

4. Get a Teacher

Trying to learn how to surf with another beginner surfer is like the blind leading the blind. You’ll want to either hire a surfing teacher or ask a friend who already knows how to surf if they can teach you.

They’ll be able to tweak your form, give important tips, and help you understand what you’re doing wrong.

5. Wear the Leash

When you look at a surfboard, you’ll notice a black cord with a Velcro strap attached to the bottom. This is called the leash.

It may feel uncomfortable at first, but it’s important to wear the leash at all times. This prevents you from losing your surfboard after you wipe out and keeps the board from hitting other people in the water.

It can even save your life one day. If you end up in a riptide, your leash ensures you’ll always have your surfboard to use as a flotation device.

Best Surfing Tips for Beginners

Don’t attempt to hit the waves without preparing first! From choosing the right beach to ensuring you wear your leash, there are many surfing tips for beginners that can ensure your first time surfing is safe and enjoyable.

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Last Updated on March 23, 2022

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