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Handpicked List Of 7 of the Best Travel Apps for Android

Traveling is nowadays so much more fun because of the evolution of technology. We can compare prices online and plan every single little detail. Since most people own a smartphone these days, it is obvious that many travel apps were developed.Seven of the best travel apps that you can download if you use an android device. They make traveling easier.This is a list of travel apps.

Some are surely better than others. If you are looking for some great apps to help you in your travel adventure, these are the ones to consider first.

Best Travel Apps
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7 of the Best Travel Apps for Android

1. TripIt

With TripIt you can easily store every single travel detail in one place, ranging from car rental bookings to personal travel plans. You can even share your plans with friends and family members. This app allows you to save a lot of time. If you have free time you can download casino games app and simply relax while the plans are safe.

2. Airbnb

Whenever travelling on a budget, alternative experiences are great to find. Airbnb is useful in finding great private hosts in tens of thousands of cities all around the world. You can find anything from luxurious homes with swimming pools to rooms you would have to share with someone else.

3. Skyscanner

This pretty little app is great to locate cheap flights. You can easily book the flight from the app and look for some hotels to stay at. The greatest thing about the app is how simple it is to use, allowing you to so quickly find all the data you want while making informed choices.

4. LiveTrekker

This free app is a travel diary that you can use to simply document your entire travel experience with interactive pictures, maps, voice, text and video. What is interesting is that this app will track movements and a map is created. You can annotate it with text, video and photos. After you get home, sharing the experience is easily possible online.

Best Travel Apps for Android

5. LoungeBuddy

Frequent fliers understand that problems can appear. Also, in an attempt to save money you may have to agree to longer layover times. The LoungeBuddy app allows you to easily find wonderful lounging opportunities. Just use the form that is presented and the app will offer information you can use in order to have a much better time while transitioning.

6. Evaneos Travel

The travel app available for free features absolutely zero advertising or purchases. Seasoned travelers are used to give valuable information about many destinations located in most countries of the world. The app will be really useful for those that have no problems with going off track. Use it if you want to have an adventure. You can also check out best online casino with different apps.

7. Duolingo

Last but not least, the Duolingo app is not necessarily built for traveling but it is very useful for when you want to go to a country where you do not know the language. Before you leave you can take language lessons. What is really useful is the fact that you can also hear the sentences you will learn. That allows you to better manage the experience when traveling to a foreign country. It is so much easier to have a great experience when you can understand the language spoken by locals.

Take a look at this app for a larger list of travel apps.

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