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Handling Tricky Signage While Traveling

Signs are a traveler’s best friends. They make it far easier to find your way around, or to catch a train or bus to your next destination.Four tips that will allow you to navigate Signage While Traveling like a pro and never lost.Here’s short guide with Signage While Traveling

But not all are simple and straightforward like the ones you find on mydoorsign. Some of them are downright confusing. At least they are to someone who is not native to the country or does not know the local language well. Fortunately, as you will see, using new technology and a bit of preparation there are ways to get past this potential issue.

Signage While Traveling

Understanding Signage While Traveling

Learn some key phrases

It is always worth learning some key phrases before you travel. Doing this makes a big difference to how well received you are. People really do appreciate it when you make the effort.

Learning a few words can also make life a lot easier for you. Being able to ask directions and understand the response is particularly helpful. As is being able to read and understand the signs.

Download and use a sign reading app

In addition, it is sensible to download a text reading app and learn how to use it. With a bit of practice, it is surprising how accurate they are. Potentially you could use the scan and translation option that is built into Google translate. It works really well when translating restaurant menus and newspaper articles. But when it comes to signs it can be a bit hit and miss. So, it may be worth your while downloading one of the other translation apps as well. You can find out about some of the best ones, here.

Apps that can handle signs written in logo graphic languages

If you are traveling to a country like Japan, where the writing is logo graphic, you need to be particularly careful about which translation app you use. Most apps are pretty good at translating signs that are written using the roman or Cyrillic alphabets. But, many fail when handling logo graphic languages. Usually, it is best to download a translation app, with sign-reading capabilities, that has been written for the country you will be traveling to. For example, this one is ideal for people who are planning to tour Japan.

For travel in those countries, a notepad app that enables you to draw as well as type in notes can come in handy. This enables people who are giving you directions to quickly draw what the sign or building name looks like.

Although most street signs are often in English across the world, it can still come in handy. For example, if there is a particular food you like you can make a note of the symbol used or take a photo of it. At the next vending machine you use you will then stand a far better chance of selecting what you want.

Familiarize yourself with road signs if you will be driving

If you are planning to hire a bike, car or moped, while abroad, be especially careful about learning what the road signs mean. After all, failing to interpret them correctly or ignoring them could lead to your having an accident.

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