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All You Need to Know About Hair Transplants in Turkey

All You Need to Know About Hair Transplants in Turkey

As one of the fastest-growing industries, Hair transplants in Turkey are becoming a primary source of tourist attraction under the sector of medical tourism. Owing to the increasing pressure of global demand, the industry went through various modifications in an attempt to comply with the needs of the thousands of patients flooding into the country every month. To preserve its convenience, hundreds of hair transplant providers opened up across the country ready to cater to the needs of hair transplant patients.

With the ever-changing industry, the projected increase in health tourists seeking the Eurasian city, and the hundreds of health care providers operating for hair transplants alone, the competition between the centers proves beneficial for the patient.

Benefits of opting for hair transplants in Turkey

1- No waiting lists

Being the biggest go-to hair transplant destination, one would expect near infinite waiting lists for the procedure. However, unlike hair transplant centers in the UK and Europe, in Turkey waiting lists are not a thing. The aspect of receiving near-immediate transformation is one of many factors drawing in patients from various continents and countries around the world.

2- Luxurious services

The competition over winning the title of the pioneer hair transplant center in Turkey between the hundreds for hair transplant centers has led for the services to be patients oriented. To eclipse its competitors and stand out, hair transplant centers such as the Vera Clinic, provide their patients with service packages that cover every possible obstacle international patients could face.

The services include warm airport greetings and pick up by a representative from the Vera Clinic hospital and a personal chauffeur, a pre-booked 3 night stay in a 5 star hotel located in Istanbul’s finest areas, a personal interpreter to facilitate communication between doctor and patient and assist the patients throughout their stay. In addition, patients receive an additional PRP therapy session to boost the transplanted follicular units with strength and haste their growth.

3- High-quality medical care

In addition to pampering services and instantaneous medical attention, the hair transplant industry in Turkey is constantly evolving on a technical level. The endeavors to gain recognition is not sorely based on the comfort of patients. On the contrary, many technologies have emerged in recent years that make the process all the more efficient and the results all the more natural. One of the biggest inventions that could achieve the most satisfactory results was the Sapphire FUE technique.

4- Recovering in Istanbul

Hair transplants are quick recovery procedures that do not require hospital stay-in. A day of rest is enough to have you back on your feet to resume your daily activities. Therefore, health tourists choose to opt for hair transplants in Turkey for its efficient high-tech techniques, comfortable services, and beautiful exotic culture.

With tens of monuments to visit, food to try, and sightseeing to do; recovering in Istanbul could be quite the experience to celebrate a new chapter of your life.

Would you go get hair transplants in Turkey?

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