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What Are Hacks to Get Special Offers on All Inclusive Luxury Resorts

All inclusive luxury resorts can easily reduce the stress and strain of a family vacation or even a romantic getaway. All inclusive resorts cover everything from meals to lodging to entertainment and more. A number even include transportation costs to and from the airports, and many include unlimited snacks and beverages. Most have fantastic on site facilities like pools, fitness centers, tennis courts, sporting equipment, horseback riding, and more. You may even find one that offers off site tours and classes to further enhance your business. But luxury spots such as Karma Resorts and others like them may seem a tad out of your budget. Fortunately, there are some ways you can get special offers.

All Inclusive Luxury Resorts - plantation inn crystal river

Earn Your Way
One great way to get special offers is to offer something of value to the resort itself. No, this isn’t bribery. Travel writers are often able to score significant savings on vacations and even turn the entire trip into a profitable exchange. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, and you will need to actually follow through on your end of the bargain, but it can open numerous doors for you. When you’re pitching this, provide any relevant experience, particularly if you have done travel writing before. If you are just starting out, build up other credentials and provide a plan for how you’ll handle the articles.

Writer’s Digest recommends querying potential markets before you approach a resort or location for deals. It will be easier to convince them to give you a bargain if you can prove that you will be published in a reputable publication or zine. Be prepared to offer a copy of the acceptance letter or communication. Niche publications may also offer possible opportunities even if they are not explicitly focused on travel. Cuisine magazines, for instance, often feature articles that detail delightful dishes from around the world or culinary stories. Globo Treks lists some of the easier markets to break into if you are just getting started. The added bonus of these places is that they are always on the hunt for new content.

Remember that you won’t be publishing promotional pieces for the resort. Instead, you’ll be featuring or include it in your articles. Bear in mind that you’ll increase your likelihood of success if you pitch multiple stories to multiple venues. Good writing will be succinct, and it will capture a story or an impression. A single vacation should lend itself to multiple stories. Just remember to take good notes. Don’t rely on your memory.

Call Ahead and Book in Advance
With all the focus on scoring last minute deals, you might think that contacting a resort early for bonus deals is no longer effective. But that is not the case. Fox Business reveals that great deals can still be had for travelers who are willing to book in advance. To increase the likelihood of success, determine the likely slow period for the resort or area you want to visit. Karma Special Luxury Resort Offers will typically be available more frequently during those times because the resort owners know that they won’t have as much business. Avoid common vacation and holiday days. Late September to early November as well as late January to early March are often good target dates, but bear in mind each region has its own holidays and busy seasons.

Ask for Specials on the Phone or by Email
Just because you only see deals listed on the website or in emails doesn’t mean that those are the only deals available or that they do not have complimentary packages for other people outside those offers. Some resorts have variations on honeymoon or spring break packages. Be polite when you ask, and make sure that you avoid making demands. Be specific about what you’re asking and that you do not qualify for the originals offered. They are under no obligation to give you a variation or accommodate you, but they may just surprise you.

Subscribe to Travel Newsletters and Services
You can find all kinds of inexpensive or free travel services online to provide you with coupons and information on all the latest deals. Just because you subscribe to one doesn’t mean that you will get all the goodies available. Sometimes there’s overlap, but in other cases certain resorts or airports may have exclusivity deals with a certain information provider. So make sure you subscribe to as many as you can. If the email or social media influx is choking your feed, consider setting up a separate account to monitor them.

Getting special deals and offers on luxury resorts can make that dream vacation even more affordable. You can find a number of options, though most require that you invest some effort. From writing travel articles that feature the resort to researching additional specials, you can hopefully score some great deals and start off on that luxurious vacation you’ve been craving.

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