Hacienda San Lucas, Honduras: Overlooking To The Mayan Ruins

Living in Latin America you hear the word Hacienda used very often in conversation. Yet, you never really get a chance to visit one. So you can imagine our delight when we stayed at a 100-year-old, traditional Hacienda turned into a luxury lodge called Hacienda San Lucas in Copan, Honduras

Hacienda San Lucas Copan

Let’s just say Hacienda San Lucas in Copan, Honduras was much more than we ever expected.

I contacted Flavia, the owner whose family has owned the Hacienda for over 100 years, to make our reservations. Unlike most lodges when you get a quick ‘thanks for writing and when are you coming’ email, Flavia’s response was as though she was a long-lost friend. Immediately, I knew this was the right decision.

The Hacienda is about 10 minutes outside Copan Ruinas town, on a hill overlooking the valley and the Mayan Ruin site. We arrived in the evening right when it rained, it only rains about 1 hour a day during the rainy season, and we were greeted by 3 workers with huge umbrellas, smiles, and helpful hands for our suitcases.

The Lodge has 8 rooms in total. Our section had 3 rooms with patios and hammocks. The rooms are lit with candlelight, except for the light in the bathroom. It took some time to adjust to the candles, however, now I wonder why all hotels don’t use this system. It works great for romantic getaways, but the effect it has on family travel with 2 little kids was tranquility. I think I’ll do this at home, anything to calm my boys down before nighttime.

Dining at Hacienda San Lucas

The lodge isn’t only popular for family fun and romantic getaways, it’s known for its gastronomy and has been called the best dining experience in Honduras. You can also taste some traditional Honduras food.

dinning table at the hacienda lodge

The restaurant is located in the main house, and when you walk into it, it’s as though you’re walking into a good friend’s living room. The decor is traditional, with photos of Flavia’s large and loving family. It’s funny, whenever anyone walks into my parent’s house, they always say they feel a warmth that is hard to pin down. Watching my kids explore the kitchen and rooms, I felt the same warmth that resonates from the familial essence of the place.

kitchen of old hacienda in copan in honduras

If you are a guest, the first-night dinner comprises a 5-course meal:

Salad, Soup, Tamale, Chicken Adobo (house special), and dessert

dinner at the hacianda san lucas in copan

The restaurant is open to everyone, and we found quite a few patrons from other hotels enjoying the outdoor setting!

The Property, Los Sapos Ruins, Yoga, and Exploring the Farm

What originally attracted me to this hotel was that it was on a farm. There are many truly lovely hotels right in the town of Copan Ruinas, but they didn’t have the outdoor space that families with kids need, not only for nature and beauty but their sanity.

kid playing with dogs in hacienda san lucas in copan

It’s hard to get a grasp on what the property will be like just by the photos and descriptions on the web. But they came pretty close to what was written and then some. The restaurant has a huge field in front of it overlooking the entire Copan valley, Copan River, Copan town and the ruins. There are plenty of comfortable chairs to simply sit back and enjoy.

copan view from hacienda san lucas

If you want to do some outdoor exploring and nature hikes, Los Sapos ruins are located on the property and the trail is easy and fun. Plus, you get the benefit of Cookie, the hacienda’s dog, accompanying you. My son still talks about his best friend, Cookie!

kid and a dog in hacienda san lucas copan honduras

Los Sapos is one of those mysterious ruins where huge toads are randomly carved on boulders. This particular one is known as the king toad since it’s the largest one of its kind.

Yoga lovers, this would be the most ideal way to practice and meditate. Overlooking the valley and designed especially for yoga lovers, San Lucas is one of the most famous spots and attracts top yoga instructors to teach.

old hacienda san lucas copan

There are many ways to explore the farm and the countryside. Horseback riding is the number one way to go. Since we did a long horseback tour in Nicaragua, we skipped it this time and simply enjoyed the walk.

hiking in old hacienda san lucas in copan honduras

The Service and Atmosphere and Why Hacienda Is a Top Luxury Hotel

Flavia is the heart and soul of the lodge, everywhere you look you can find her loving touch. Not many owners show this kind of admiration and genuineness for their homes and lodges. It is usually a business, and it’s treated as such. When you look through the photos and albums you can see that Flavia rebuilt her family farmhouse with her own hands, and even if it’s a business for her, you definitely don’t feel it.

However, the staff of Hacienda San Lucas makes the stay as joyous. Let’s face it, traveling with a one-year-old is challenging, and whatever help you can get, you’re all over it. I was so happy when the waitress took my son while we ate in peace and were able to take in the surroundings.

In the evenings while you’re hanging out in the restaurant, you return to your hotel room which is lit up with candles, and have a turn down surprise on your bed full of flowers and chocolates!

flowers in bed at the hacienda hotel in honduras

We had the pleasure of seeing a couple get engaged while there. They had a mariachi band serenade them most of the night, great entertainment for everyone else, and they had their own private room, unattached to the rest of the rooms. A perfect romantic getaway.

mariachis at the old hacienda san lucas in copan

Hacienda San Lucas is a place to come for the experience. Thank you, Flavia, for giving my family an amazing time and memories to last and last!

How to Contact Hacienda San Lucas

Join them on Facebook and enjoy reading their interesting blog about Copan and Maya heritage.

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Staying at a 100 Year Old Hacienda - Hacienda San Lucas in Honduras

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