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The Top 3 Habits Golf Taught You

For adults, it’s sometimes easy to forget what choices, activities and people helped shape you into who you are today. As time goes on, it may sometimes feel like you’ve just grown into who you are because that’s how life works. However, the experiences you had as a child and teenager were formative and most likely played a large role in the characteristics you possess today. Golfing as a youngster at schools such as Bird Golf Florida golf school probably taught you these three skills that are part of your everyday habits, choices and decisions.Gold can be a great teacher, from it you can learn a lot things to make your life better.Here are 3 habits Golf Taught You if you practice it.

Habits Golf Taught You

1. Focus

If you excel at blocking out unnecessary voices and distractions that keep you from performing well in your career or bog you down with reasons not to believe in yourself, golf most likely played a role in this mindset. When golfing, you have to be super focused on what club you need for your shot, the physics behind hitting the ball and getting over a not-so-great hit knowing you can get out of even the worst situations. Life is full of “bad-shot days” that can either get someone down or encourage them to find the focus to overcome.

2. Goal-Setting

Before every golf tournament, it’s imperative to envision the course and see yourself hitting the ball at each hole. Doing this before tournaments can really help put a “begin with the end in mind” strategy in people. If you succeed at setting set realistic, achievable and manageable goals, golf probably helped you grow. This mindset is so important in someone’s life and career, and the earlier you learn it, the better outcomes you’ll see when you start working to make them a reality.

3. Problem Solving

Playing a sport that’s outside and has to deal with the elements is chock full of problems that come up, but the game must go on. Golf probably taught you how to problem solve and face issues head-on because there’s a game you had to finish. Like life’s challenges, you can’t control the deck of cards you’re thrown, and being involved in golf showed you ways to solve some of your biggest problems.

They say you should never stop learning and continue to absorb information and ideas as you age. This is such an important view to have in life, but remembering what you learned as a youngster is also beneficial. What you did every day after school probably had more of an impact on who you are today than you give it credit for.

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