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Guide to Visiting Kaanapali Beach, Maui

If you haven’t been to Maui before, you’re in for an amazing vacation! The beaches there, especially the Kaanapali beach, is a wonderful and relaxing place to be at. Getting an itinerary ready for this trip can be really helpful, take a look below at what you can do when you get there.Take a look at this travel guide for Kaanapali Beach Maui. In it, you will find information about things to do and how to get there.

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Kaanapali Beach Maui

Travel Guide for Kaanapali Beach Maui

Do your research before booking

It’s really important that you do your homework first before booking any flights or rooms at different hotels or resorts there. Some hotels on the three-mile stretch of Kaanapali beach might have offered online that could get you cheaper prices for bookings. Getting a nice offer for a few nights at The Whaler on Kaanapali Beach would be very cool; the location is undeniable, in one of the most desirable settings on the Valley Isle. Thousands of people would want to go there to stay in a variety of hotels there. And many of them know this, so they make it easier for people to give out affordable prices with different offers and seasonal discounts.

Getting to the beach 

So you’ve arrived, all settled in, and rested after the trip getting there. When you step out and explore, you’d notice that nearly all of the seaside resorts in this area have a stunning view of Kaanapali Beach; the stretch of sand leads you back to your hotel and is suitable for frolicking with your special someone as you stroll on the sidewalk. Access to the beach can be a little tricky, especially during the high season. Some resorts have beach access lots that are open to the public, there are also several secure pay-to-park lots there for you. So best write it in your itinerary to wake up early for a good spot on the beach to enjoy and work on your tan

Whale watching 

If you went there during mid-December to mid-May, then you went during the season for whale watching, whether you decide to watch them from the shore or via a tour boat provided by the resort you’re in. Maui is one of the prime spots in the world to view them, so you shouldn’t pass up the amazing experience with these majestic creatures.

Catch the parasailing chances 

While all other water sports, there are available all year round, two of the activities there are only seasonally available, parasailing is one of them. From May to December, you can see the beach from hundreds of feet up as you fly through the air in a parasailing. It closes during the rest of the year to avoid interfering with the whales.

Visiting the coffee farms

This is an amazing spot for those people looking for a piece of authentic Hawaii at Kaanapali; it is part of a large coffee plantation and has tastings available for all varieties, plus a small gift shop and ice cream shop. You can walk and view the actual coffee farms and learn a great deal about the production of coffee if you care to go beyond just the tastings. Make sure you look down to the west side of the farms, if you are lucky, you might see the Coffee plants blooming!

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Experience Huaka’i

If you want to get a deeper look into the culture, take a journey through Polynesia Luau at the Beach Club. Get a festive welcome mai tai-style as you prepare for a Polynesian show, and enjoy the oceanfront setting with neighboring islands in the background. With a delicious buffet dinner featuring tropical island favorites and tasty desserts, you’ll also experience some storytelling, music, and a dynamic fire knife performance. Even your kids will have fun at the special kid’s buffet with sliders, mac & cheese, and different fruit.

Give snuba a try 

If scuba diving looks too intimidating, but you still want to breathe underwater, then be sure to put Snuba in your itinerary. It’s a mix between snorkeling and scuba-diving, where all that’s required to navigate the depths is a regulator strapped to a harness. The air tank floats on a raft at the surface, and you’re able to breathe via a 10-foot long tube that delivers air from above. A professional instructor is right there with you at all times, so no need to worry. You can see various turtles and fish underwater. Swimming near the Puu Kekaa area is known for its abundance of marine life that can be observed. 

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Outrigger canoe tour 

When the ancient Hawaiians used to travel between Islands, they paddled in outrigger canoes. So it’s time to experience what they did many years ago! It traditionally holds up to six people who need to stroke together as a team; you’d get an amazing workout and experience the ocean with style. You have to try this tour with a Kaanapali Beach Hotel, it’s a morning that’s packed with history and culture.

Kayak away 

Maybe you’re after more of a slower-paced experience like a more casual paddle that doesn’t exert too much effort. So you need to book a guided kayak tour that can take you north toward Puu Kekaa. Keep an eye out for seabirds on the cliffs and watch as turtles surface for air within a couple of feet of your boat; it’s super exciting so remember to take pictures!

Surf’s up dude!

If you’re more of an adventurous type, the beach has waves for surfing every day. The surf break is available to anyone and you have the choice of taking a morning lesson with the local instructors there or renting a board on your own if you’re a pro. The swells in summer can get occasionally large, but on most days, the waves are beginner-friendly for people that are still learning to stand up and ride the waves casually.

This beautiful paradise can be one of the best vacations you could ever ask for, so many activities await you. So plan well and try your best to experience everything Kaanapali can offer; it’s a trip you will remember for the rest of your life!

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