A Guide to Skiing in Finland

Finland offers some of the best skiing holidays in Europe. Frozen trees, northern lights, and beautiful skiing slopes, it rarely gets better than this. It is especially good in Lapland, the northernmost region of the country. Lapland is sparsely populated and offers stunning scenery. It is within the Arctic Circle, so the skiing season is long. You can ski here from December to May, for almost 6 months in a year.The basics you need to know when it comes to Skiing in Finland.Take a look at this article to learn all about Skiing in Finland.

There are very few people here because of its remote location, even during the peak season, even when the schools are on holiday. The slopes remain quiet and beautiful. You can enjoy seclusion, and appreciate the area’s beauty. Few people in the slopes means you have more space and freedom.

Given its unique location, Lapland now offers one of the most reliable snow conditions in the continent. This is why you will find some of the best ski resorts in the world located here. There are many challenging slopes for advanced skiers, but you will also find conditions that are perfect for beginners, and also for people who haven’t ever skied before. There is something for everyone here.

Skiing in Finland

Everything You Need to Know About Skiing in Finland

Lapland Ski Resorts

There are several good ski resorts in Lapland where you can stay to enjoy skiing in Finland, like Levi Finland, for example. The resort offers ski cabins and cottages for rent in an idyllic setting very close to some of the best ski trails.

It is a fairy tale world where you will find wide vistas, wooded forests, many jogging and walking trails to explore, horse riding, moonlight trekking, and of course, some of the best skiing you can find in Europe. There is a golf course too, only 800 meters, or just 10 minutes walking from the property. Levi Finland has a café/restaurant and some of the top facilities in the region.

Staying at the Levi Finland Resort

There are 2 types of Levi cabins – for 7 guests or 9 guests. They both have modern decor and amenities that allow a luxury vacation.

The Levi Ski Resort has won several awards over the years, including ‘The Best Ski Resort in Finland’ award for 2016.

It will be like a Christmas setting here, almost throughout the year. From the Levi resort, you can visit snow villages, see the unique igloos and even enter them, meet the locals, see huskies and reindeer. There is a lot to do and see all around. From the scenery all around, to the service and amenities, to skiing, everything is good here.

All the best resorts, including Levi Cabins, offer great facilities for both advanced and beginner skiers. You can rent equipment here, take one-on-one lessons, receive safety guidelines, see the weather updates, and even try night skiing.


In the extreme north of Scandinavia, Lapland is a large area that covers Finland, Norway, Sweden, and parts of Russia. Historically, this is the home of the Sami people, who were nomadic reindeer herders. They have mostly settled down now, many in their typical igloos, but you will still see the reindeer. The Arctic scenery is spectacular too – there are snow-capped hills, thick forests, and frozen lakes.

Skiing is, of course, a top activity here. But there is a lot more to do as well. You can go on a snowmobile safari to see the fantastic beauty of the Northern Lights, another top reason to visit the Lapland. You can try ice fishing, do cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and go on reindeer sleigh rides. You can even stay in an ice hotel for a night. Visit the snow castle of Kemi, the Santa Claus Village, the Ranua Zoo, the Levi ice gallery, and Inari, which is the northernmost point of Lapland.

Expect It to Be Very Cold

A word of caution – this is the extreme north, one of the world’s northernmost areas. So the days are short, and the temperature can be freezing. It will often drop to -20C, or even lower on some days. There will be frequent snowfalls too on many days. You need to be prepared for this. It will be much more comfortable, though, once you are inside a cottage for rent.

Alternatively, you can visit later in the season. The temperature will be much warmer then and the days too will be longer. But then, you may not be able to enjoy the best of skiing, sledging, or snowmobiling.

How to Reach Lapland

Reaching Lapland has become much easier now. The Kittilä Airport is only 16 kilometers from the Levi Finland cabins. There is also the Kuusamo Airport. There is ski bus service that stops within 120 meters from this resort. The bus service is frequent as there are many tourists visiting the resort in peak season, but it won’t ever get crowded. You can also take a car.

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