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A Guide to Planning Your First Family Holiday

Excitement, anticipation, exhilaration: all words that describe that feeling deep down inside as you contemplate your first family holiday. Naturally, there are always a few lingering anxieties: what if there’s a double booking? What if the hotel isn’t even finished? What if the website is phoney? Read on to dispel those fears.

New responsibilities

For many people, a first family holiday will mean travelling with young children. And as any parent will know, this is a time when you need to be organised. When you were a student or single, with no responsibilities to anyone but yourself, then a late train, a baggage-handlers’ strike or a petty theft could be shrugged off relatively easily.

But it’s different when you’ve got kid, of course. You need to ensure that everyone in the travelling party is happy, enjoying themselves and most importantly, safe and well. And that is why some form of single trip holiday insurance is vital.


Why good planning matters

No matter how well you’ve planned, there is always the worry that you and your family will end up stranded on a building site, surrounded by your suitcases, cranes and cement mixers.

And that’s why it is so important to take out single trip holiday insurance. Where so many holiday insurances fail to cover you adequately, with something like the Thomas Cook single trip holiday insurance, you’ll have some real peace of mind.

When you are looking for adequate holiday insurance, consider the things that are important to you and make sure that you check that your single trip holiday insurance covers every eventuality.

What should you look for in single trip holiday insurance?

Family health is obviously a big thing, so – do you have insurance to cover doctors’ fees, medication and potential hospital treatments? Are your possessions covered against theft, loss or damage? Is there any cover in the event of a transport delay or a problem with the hotels/accommodation?

If you are taking part in an adventure activity, you may have expensive sports equipment with you. Is that covered in case of loss or damage? Does your health insurance cover you if you are injured while participating in an ‘adrenaline’ activity?


Take a moment to think things through

Create a check list, and involve all your family in it. There are things you might overlook that your partner will consider. Talk to your friends and relatives and listen and learn from their experiences.

All you first-time family holidaymakers out there really do need to make the most of planning in the months leading up to your departure – it will certainly save you a lot of potential worry down the line.

By thinking through your needs before you go, and ensuring that your single trip holiday insurance is thorough, you can lock your door and board that flight with nothing to think about except what your first relaxing in-flight beverage is going to be.

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