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Travel Guide to Getting Around London – England

If you are planning to visit London anytime soon, then you are going to experience a good time in a beautiful city, and here in London, you will create some memorable moments for sure.  All the locations in London are so beautiful and magnificent that it looks really easy to reach to them and enjoy their beauty. But the reality is quite the opposite to it. Roaming around in London is not as easy as recognizing its famous places.Info about all the services that are available for getting around London while traveling.Here, you will find info of Getting Around London.

Getting Around London

London is a great destination for travel lovers; this is why every year approx 19 million visitors land on this beautiful place to feel its liveliness. London is a large and crowded city, and it’s not easy to navigate all the tourist places in the city. So it’s better to learn about how to get around in London before landing here.

London has a variety of options for transportation, and the plethora of choice confuses the first time visitors. Booking autos and taxis can be a great option if you are exploring the city for the first time. If we talk about public transport then also you have various options like riverboats, buses, underground Tube. So let’s know how you can get around in London.

Guide to Getting Around London

Many tourists plan their trip to London to visit so many places and enjoy every second of their holidays, but they forget to plan how to roam around in the city and what transportation will suit them best. And here, they make a big mistake as most of their time gets wasted in just looking for the right transportation for them. You don’t make this mistake and grab some advanced information about the transportation system of London for a hassle-free trip to London.


If you are on a romantic trip to London and don’t want to spend your time with many people around you in London public transport, then the famous black taxi will be most suitable transportation for you to explore the beautiful city with your partner. You can book auto and black taxi in London with the help of cab booking apps like Uber and Rideshare. Fare of these taxis is slightly high in the night time.

·Walking Around London

Walking around London is an unforgettable experience. If you have more time and you are full of energy, you can pick this option to roam around the city. Most of the major tourist points are just on walking distance in London so it will not be an exhausting experience for you. You can visit Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, and Leicester Square by walking around as all three of them are situated close to each other.

·Biking Around London

If you want to personalize your trip to London, then pick the option of biking around the city. Sometimes we miss some small details or a moment when we travel through public transport. Biking around the city let you experience all the small details of the city. You can rent a bike to pedal around, or you can be a part of some tour group with a guide. The streets of London are friendly to bikes so that sightseeing can be the only focal point for tourists.

·The London Underground

The London underground is the subway system in London. This public transport system is known as tube by locals. It’s an easy and convenient transportation system and you can find the London Underground stop at all the corners of London. Download the London tube map app before getting a seat in this public transport.  You can also get a paper map at free of cost from any Tube station.  The network of London Underground runs over 250 miles in length which covers all the tourist spots of the city so it will take you to your destination guaranteed.

·Big Bus London

The sightseeing tour of London becomes more memorable in Big Bus. The open top double-decker buses let you soak up the beauty of the city in your eyes.  The Big Bus London tour gives flexibility to the tourists to hop-on or off at any of the 50+ included stops to explore the dramatic history and rich culture of the city. A part from the Big Bus, you can also choose the London public bus transportation services. It is the most used public transportation system in the city.

·River Bus

River bus is one of the oldest transportation systems in London. Earlier, it used to be the quickest way to reach from one place to another, but now it can be called as the calmest way of moving around the city. Sailing on the river and enjoying the beauty of London is an excellent experience. You can get a beautiful view of the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the London Eye from the river bus. River buses are available to tourist from 5:00 am until midnight.

So, now when you know that you have these all means of transportation to get around in London, we hope that you would enjoy your trip more rather than just wondering how to get to places around. Do let us know your views on this in the comment section below.

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