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How to Buy the Best Bluetooth Speaker for Less Money

Traveling is a way of life, and everyone would agree that there is no life without music. So finding the Best Bluetooth Speaker for less money as part of your travel gear.Five of the most important things while shopping for the best Bluetooth speaker for your next trip.This is a list of best Bluetooth speaker.

Although, thanks to technology, you don’t have to miss this magical combination even for a while. Whether you are going for camping or to a relative’s place, you can without doubt always be party ready and/or keep your life bustling with music. And, the only thing you need for that is a Bluetooth speaker.


Best Bluetooth Speaker


However, the real question is- how do you choose the best Bluetooth speaker amongst such vast variety? There are so many brands, so many shapes and sizes, and so many features to choose from, then how do you make the right decision? The answer, just like while choosing any other valuable, is to keep a few basics in mind.

Things to consider while looking for the best Bluetooth Speaker

1. Price

There are numerous brands for Bluetooth speakers, and hence a huge variety in terms of both quality and price. So, you can get a Bluetooth speaker in a price as low as $35 to as high as $200. It all depends on your budget and the features you are looking for. If you cab invest a good amount, then without hesitation go for a premium model, however, if you are low on budget, pay more attention to the features you absolutely want in your speaker and then shortlist the models accordingly.

2. Sound Quality

Without any need for argument, a good speaker is judged on the basis of its sound quality. So, after price, check the sound quality, and if budget is not an issue, keep it on the highest priority. After all, you should at least get the basics right, right?

3. Wi-Fi Connectivity

Some latest models also offer Wi-Fi connectivity along with Bluetooth connectivity so you if you stay in a hotel room or a place that offers internet connection, you wouldn’t have to worry about the distance limit or range. You can roam freely anywhere around the house or your room, and still enjoy your online streaming music. Another advantage is that you can listen to much more than just your own playlist.

4. Battery Power

Battery power is the main concern of any electronic device, especially while traveling. So, choose a Bluetooth speaker that lasts for an appreciable amount of time. In fact, many brands now offer a good promise of battery lasting for up to 15 to 20 hours, which is really a good relief for a traveler.

5. Ease of setup and control

Another thing to consider while buying a Bluetooth speaker is the ease with which you can setup and use the controls. After all, you want to enjoy the traveling with music and not just keep fiddling with the buttons. If you had to do so, traveling would be even more frustrating with music than without. So, choose a model that either allows way setup and control or provides an external remote or an app to control and run your device smoothly.

Some speakers also include voice command, but then again, it comes for a price. You can check out the list of the most reliable and world’s best Bluetooth speakers for traveling here.

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