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Guatemala Wildlife – 9 Facts About Toucans

The Toucans are these colorful and abundant tropical birds that can be found in Guatemala’s forests specially in the areas of Peten and Alta Verapaz.

Here are some things you have to know about them:


1. They are scattered around Southern Mexico, Central, South American, and Caribbean region.

2. The colorful, giant bill, can measure more than half the length of the body, which is what made them famous.

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3. Their bill is very light, they are made of bone struts filled with spongy tissue of keratin between them.

4. Researchers have discovered that the large bill of the toucan is used to regulate their body temperature.

5. They are omnivorous that mainly eat fruit, but whenever they can they like to eat insects, small lizards and smaller bird’s eggs.

6. They can live up to 20 Years.

7. Toucans are one of the noisiest jungle birds, with a croak like a frog that can be heard for half a mile.

8. Their toes are arranged in pairs with the first and fourth turned backward. This is what helps them to stand on branches.

9. Males and females are the same color; it’s almost impossible to recognize which is which unless you are an expert.


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