Guatemala Waterfalls: 9 Most Amazing Waterfalls to Visit

Stop wondering where to go in Guatemala! If there is anything that this country is known for, it is because of its Mayan Ruins and its natural attractions. Aside from the different kinds of forests, lakes, beaches, and caves, some of the many rivers of Guatemala offer beautiful waterfalls.

Most of the Guatemalan waterfalls offer nice natural pools or rivers suitable for swimming, most of them are tucked in natural parks or reserves, making a great places for outdoor activities.

Guatemala Waterfalls

Los Siete Altares (The Seven Altars)

It is close to the Garifuna town of Livingston. The Seven Altars are just that – they are seven gorgeous waterfalls. It’s an easy 5 km hike from the beach on a well-marked path. Make sure you reach the seventh waterfall. It’s the most spectacular of them all! Plus you can swim here as a final reward.

Los siete altares waterfalls guatemala

El Salto de Chilascó

It is located in the Baja verapaz department of Guatemala, in the middle of the cloud forest. Every country claims to have the biggest or highest something or other, the locals of this area claim that this is the highest waterfall in Central America: 130 mts. It’s probably best to humor them since the highest waterfall in Central America is in Belize. But it won’t hurt to play along, plus it is gorgeous!

El Salto de Chilascó waterfall in guatemala
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Las Conchas Pools (Waterfalls)

You will find these 50 kms east of Izabal Guatemala. Las Conchas is a series of large limestone pools made from waterfalls on the Chiyu River. Because the waterfalls are located in a remote area, it’s great to spend the night at a nearby hotel. The place is packed with wildlife and tons of nature, making it a great place for nature lovers. You can do activities like, hiking, birding, and a lot of swimming.

las conchas waterfall
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Chimel and Santa Abelina Waterfalls

These two are located in Quiche Guatemala, in San Juan Cotzal part of the Ixil Triangle. The waterfalls are all spread out. This is a great day trip combined with hiking and swimming. The second waterfall has a well-maintained pool with changing rooms. Those two are probably the most underrated waterfalls in the country, at least by tourist, a place you should check if you love nature and outdoor activities. The cold water is great for swimming on a hot guatemalan day.

santa abelina waterfall in quiche guatemala
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Sachichaj Waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is located near Cobán Guatemala. The Sachichaj Waterfall is 15 meters high and spills out into a cobalt blue lagoon which is great for swimming. Probably one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Guatemala, the lagoon and Sachichaj river is stunning, surrounded by green nature suitable for outdoor lovers looking for adventure and swimming

sachichaj waterfall and river in guatemala
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Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey is a limestone formation with some caves around too, located in Alta Verapaz, the natural pools in the area have a beautiful turquoise color, making it look like an enchanting movie set. The journey to Semuc Champey is quite long, so be prepared for an amazing adventure, it’s worth it.

Some of the activities in the area include swimming in the pools, hiking to the viewpoint, checking the waterfall, and even exploring a cave.

people swimming in Semuc Champey


La Igualdad Waterfalls

La Igualdad waterfall is located in the eco-park in San Marcos, Guatemala. The hike to the falls is worth it, up and back, packed with beautiful views, a lot of Guatemalan wildlife and fauna, and rivers. The waterfall itself is gorgeous and unspoiled, not a lot of people go there, so you can have it all for yourself. Near the fall, you can find an almost natural pool to take a swim in.

la igualdad waterfall in guatemala


Finca Paraiso Waterfall

Finca el Paraiso waterfall is a hot waterfall with a pool where you can take a swim at. It’s one of the best natural hot springs in Guatemala, located near Rio Dulce the water stream nearby is cold, making a perfect contrast to the hot water, you can take a swim in both if you want. The area is packed with trees and animals, making it one of the hidden gems in Guatemala. To go there, you need to pay an entrance fee of Q15 like $2.

Finca paraiso hot waterfall guatemala

Los Amates Waterfall

A large and rocky waterfall is located to the south of Guatemala, in order to get there you need to cross a river in a 4×4 car. Besides taking a bath in the pool beneath the waterfall, you can put on a harness and a helmet and rappel right there in the waterfall. The fall is surrounded by rocks and trees, a great view for anyone trying to get some outdoor activities. A good point of this place is the fact that it’s never crowded!

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los amates waterfall

As you can see, this small Central American country has a lot to offer to nature lovers. So, if you are looking for some excitement and contact with nature, consider an adventure in Guatemala for your next vacation, visit one of the many waterfalls and take a swim in one of the many natural pools that site has.

Where to Go in Guatemala – Waterfalls


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  1. What an incredible post. There is no way I am missing these beautiful waterfalls. Next summer, here I come!

  2. Waterfalls are one of my favorite things to visit! We’re planning on going to Guatemala since I haven’t been hopefully sometime next year. Can’t wait I heard that the nature is even more beautiful than Costa Rica!

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