Pacas of Guatemala (Thrift Shops): Unique, Huge and Affordable


ton of used clothes for sale at paca in guatemalaYou can find thrift shops everywhere in the world but in Guatemala, they took one step further with MASSIVE stores, even store chains selling anything you can imagine for an absurd low price, from furniture to clothes, toys, and more. Today we’re going to be talking about pacas in Guatemala, the thrift stores of Guatemala. 

What is a Paca in Guatemala?

P-A-C-A-S pacas. This is one of the most brilliant things that Guatemala has. What are pacas? Pacas are literally all these stores and vendors that have used clothing, appliances, shoes, bedding, and a huge variety of items for sale.

How Pacas of Guatemala Work?

This is a theory, but we’re pretty sure this is how it works. Whenever you donate anything in the United States, you are giving it to, let’s say, Goodwill… And I don’t know if you know this fact, but 90% of that never really goes to help people. It goes to countries like this where they buy it or maybe get it almost for free, and then they sell it.

The thing is, it’s part of the economy. It is the way it works. We can’t get all upset about it and become activists if we want to, super, but the reality is it’s 90% of it.

How to Find Pacas in Guatemala?

There are several ways to find them. You could go into your local market, your local central market, where they have fruits and veggies, but they also have this area called the pacas. There are hundreds of these places where they have all these clothes and toys and whatever. You do have to rummage through it.

But let me tell you, you could get brand-new prices for like $2, $3. It really is amazing.


Guatemala has taken it one step higher. There is a store chain throughout the entire country called Megapaca. And it is actually like a department store with these pacas.

Are Pacas Good?

They have it very organized with fitting rooms. The staff is incredibly helpful. They have stuff that is between 10% to 90% off the prices that are already dirt cheap, and it becomes a joyful experience. They have everything from clothing to appliances, to anything you need. And this is to furniture, you name it.

It’s a great way for you to get really cheap things. And we’re talking like my sons have bought North Face, I bought myself for Gucci, Chanel. I mean, ridiculous stuff. If you make it an adventure of going and enjoying the day at the pacas, you actually can find really great things, and you won’t even need to go and buy real stuff anyway.

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Last Updated on February 6, 2024

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