Is Guatemala a good place to learn Spanish?


Is Guatemala a good place to learn Spanish?

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Guatemala is one of the best countries to learn Spanish, it has many perks in favor when it comes to learning this exciting language. Each year many people all over the world, but mostly from the United States, head to Guatemala just to learn Spanish, but Is Guatemala a good place to learn Spanish? Today we’re going to be talking about learning Spanish in Guatemala.

How did I end up learning Spanish in Guatemala?

How did I end up in Guatemala? 22 years ago, I left my house in NYC just traveling south. One thing I did know is that I really wanted to learn Spanish while I was in Mexico. I was the only one out of everybody backpacking that really wanted to learn Spanish and I hitchhiked the majority of Mexico. Because I was the one that wanted to learn Spanish the most out of all my friends that were backpacking, I was always put into the front seat and that helped me learn my Spanish. But obviously, I really wanted to learn Spanish. And the more people I told how much I love Spanish, and how much I want to learn Spanish, everyone kept saying I need to go to Guatemala. Guatemala is the cheapest country in the world as of today, where you can learn Spanish with a Spanish tutor.

So even though at that point I knew very little about Guatemala, I did know that I wanted to get to Guatemala because I wanted to learn Spanish.

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Is Guatemala a good place to learn Spanish?

You could get these amazing packages for one week, for a month, where you could learn one on one, 4 hours per day, private lessons with learning Spanish, because there are amazing Spanish schools here and private tutors here. So eventually I did make my way to Guatemala. I have a whole other story about it because I ended up meeting my husband on the very first day of arriving in Guatemala.


It’s a whole other story, but eventually, I did learn Spanish here. I took a one-week package deal and I learned Spanish. And we’re talking about so many different options. You could just do one-on-one, you could do the family stay. If you’re a family, obviously you could do that or stay in a hotel.

You stay with another family, and you go to school. So there are many different school options.

Private Tutors and Prices

But if you want to move here, you could have private tutors, and we’re talking super low prices. And this is definitely to this day, I believe Guatemala is still the lowest priced country in the world to learn Spanish, regardless of what package you want to do one-on-one, and you pay directly, taking a school, doing a package, whatnot? So this is the reason why I arrived in Guatemala, and a lot of people do as well, and then they fall in love with Guatemala or with a Guatemalan and end up staying.

Guatemala is definitely the best country for you on your own or your family or whatnot to come and learn Spanish and also really enjoy the culture.

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Last Updated on August 21, 2023

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