Top 9 Food Tours in Guatemala

Guatemala Food Tours

Guatemala’s diverse landscape and the rich volcanic soil are perfect for a number of interesting food sources. That is why visiting a farm or plantation is one of those things to do in Guatemala that you can’t miss. You should not miss some Guatemala Traditional Food and obviously, the street food in Guatemala is amazing too. Here are some of the most popular food tours in Guatemala.

For a fun day out, you can visit a coffee plantation and have a hot cup of java on us. Find out all the wonders of the Macadamian nut. Learn the various uses of sugar cane. And don’t forget to indulge yourself, in the magical flavor of real Mayan chocolate.

Food tours are all around the world, if you haven’t decide if you want to go and experience one, I have a full blog post about why you should go to a food tour, read it here.

Valhalla in Guatemala

Food Tours in Guatemala, What’s Your Flavor?

1. Banana Plantations

Banana plantations were important in the history and development of the country, not always for good reasons. But there are still some plantations working in the country and some of them offer tours. They allow you to see how the world’s favorite fruit is grown and prepared to ship to a store near your home.

2. Honey 

In areas like Antigua, Retalhuleu, and Coban you will be able to find tours that allow you to visit honey production areas where you get to learn all about how to care for these small insects their importance, and you to extract honey in a way where you don’t hurt them or leave them depleted of their own product.

3. Chocolate Tours

Cacao was extremely valuable for the ancient Mayas, it was prepared as a spicy drink only for royalty and used as currency by everyone else. During a chocolate tour, you will be able to learn everything about where cacao comes from, how the ancient drink was prepared, and how modern chocolate is made.

4. Coffee Tours

Guatemalan coffee is in the list of the best in the world, so coming to the country and not checking out at least one plantation and learning all about what makes the coffee of this region such a good one is a huge waste. Also, did you know that a Guatemalan was the one who invented instant coffee? You can learn more fun facts with a specialized coffee tour guide.

5. Macadamia Nut Farm

This is a cool place to visit right outside of Antigua. They will tell you all about how they produce macadamia and the many uses it has. When the tour is over, you will be able to stop by their delicious restaurant and their shop, with tons of beauty products that use macadamia.

6. Milk & Cheese Factories

There are small dairy farms in Guatemala like finca el Yalu where you get to go on a tour of the farm, see how dairy products are made, and even learn how to milk a cow. There are several in the country, but this one is located about one hour away from Guatemala City and 30 minutes from Antigua Guatemala.

7. Organic Farms

Places like Caoba farms, Eco farm and Hobbitenango near Antigua will be more than happy to take you on a tour of their organic farms before you sit down for a meal. They are proud of growing themselves most of the ingredients used in their food. I bet that many others

8. Local winery

As far as I know, there is only one winery in Central America, and it is in Guatemala, about 30 minutes away from Antigua. It offers tours of the small winery and tastings, as well as a restaurant. This probably won’t be the best wine you ever tasted, but the experience is great, and they have slowly been improving its quality over time.

9. Traditional Guatemalan Food cooking class

Traditional Guatemalan tour can be a lot of fun if you learn all about how to prepare it while listening to stories and legends of how we think that they were first invented. After a little over an hour of cooking, you and your group will be able to sit down and taste your creation.

Bonus: Cardamom tours are offered at times in the Coban region of the country. You might have to do a lot of digging on the internet or a lot of research once you are in Coban to find one.

There are tons of farms and plantations in Guatemala offering these tours. In them, you learn about how they grow their products, supporting their activities by buying and the best part is that you get to try their products. It doesn’t get fresher than that.

So definitely try a couple of these out when you travel to Guatemala.

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The Top 9 Food Tours in Guatemala

Last Updated on February 18, 2023

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